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Is there enough room?

drey 420

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I got a plant its in third week of flowering and is about 16". I have it planted in a coffee can, is that enough room for the roots? or do I need to transplant it into a bigger pot? Thanks for all your help.


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3 week flowering is it budding yet ? how big is the coffee tin has it got holes in the bottom of it i would of transplanted it before flowering as roots grow in the dark hope this helps next time


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If its metal, get rid of it. . .you don't want water sitting in there. . . I used to use these plastic foldgers cans though. . . but they were the first pots after the starters. IMO, I don't think there will be enough room. get like a 2 -3 gallon paint bucket. . .

Bagz :peace:


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Metal + Water = Rust. Rust = Iron. Iron overdose= dead plant. :peace:
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