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Is this a hermie or something else?


Strain: Polar Dawg. First time running this strain but have heard good things from a reliable source of the clones. I have had good results for many years in this particular tent. First time seeing this.

What has changed, you ask? First, temps are good, humidity is good, air exchange is great. Many years of great harvests. I ditched my decade old hoods and HPS bulbs for Sun System ACDE Hoods.

10x10 tent. (2) ACDE hoods properly centered mounted directly to the ceiling frame to get them as high as possible. Top of the canopy is at least 36" from the hoods, but not much more. GH3 part nutes and coco if that matters.

I fear I have hermies, but remain hopeful they're just wacked out calyxes. Please advise.

Also, I just entered week 9. This is supposed to be a 10 week strain. Buds are sizeable, but airy and seem to be foxtailing more than I've ever experienced.

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