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Is this all wrong?!


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The set up:-

600 watt sodium lamp
basement with extractor fan and dehumidifier
4 pots- 10 cm diameter

Anyways, the babies sprouted but they are now wilting over. Not much research went into the grow before it was started perhaps it was done to hastily but obviously something has gone wrong. So here's how it was done:-
The seeds were potted 1cm deep into seeding soil in the 10 cm diameter pots. At fist they were left by a window but did not sprout for over a week. They were then moved down into the basement about 3 quarters of a meter below the 600 watt light which was on for 18 hours and off for 6 hours. After 2 days 3 of the 4 seedlings sprouted. At this time and during the course of the sprouting we had been watering them with a quarter of a 500ml bottle per pot a day. After about 3 days they began to keel over, this was with the light at the same height and the same amount of watering.

Feel free to poke as many holes in this method as possible, it will be very much appreciated.
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