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Is this bad boy ready to be topped for SCROG?


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Hi spiral, welcome to 420!

I would wait until at least 4th node leaves are fully developed, then do a micro-topping.

Right now your plant is still focused on building roots rather than top growth. Understand wanting to get topping started early to keep plant shorter. Keep in mind that after you top first time you will get side branching to work with and may not need 2nd and 3rd topping. I top only once after the 5th node for my plants to fill 24"x18" screen.

Back to micro-topping. If you only remove the developing tip you stress the plant a lot less. Just gently pull apart the top leaves you see (the ones just starting to open) and you will see next set of leaves hidden in there. Pinch off those tiny hidden leaves and you are done.


Thank you all.

I opened the two little leaves at the top and pinched out the tiny ones in the middle as suggested leaving a stump. I will post pics tomorrow.

Much appreciated.
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