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Is this enough lighting...

Droopy Dog

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For a 5'x7' area (35sq ft), you will need ~175,000 lumens.

400w is good for ~3'x3' max.

Get more lights or reduce the size of your room.


JJ Bones

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You can get away with that light if you don't plan on using the entire 5x7 area. Which for 4-6 plants you wouldn't need that entire area, unless your growing monsters which I don't recommend indoors.


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Thanks for the advice JJ Bones and Thawk. Good news for me, I just located a 400 w w/hid lamp that a friend is not using, he's gonna let me borrow it for a while.

I'll keep you posted.


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And what are the 420 points all about?

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light equals bud...less light, less bud

That's how my wife treats me! Don't take it seriously, it gets too depressing and we can look forward to sweet death giving the us the relief from these bitches. Why did I get married?
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