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ok so i was reading here in 420mag and read a lot about the strain of the pot (sativia or indica) having something to do with wether you get couch lock high or an up high... general consencus seems to be that sativia is an up high and indica is a couch lock high... havent tested this theory yet myself but have seen enough comments to believe there is something to this.. ok so now to the point.. i have my "how to make hash in less then 10 min" on youtube.. i did post it here somewhere so some have seen it.. i recieved this comment... " if you want to feel less tired try vaporizing. "

now i dont know much about vapes.. i dont personally like the taste or how much i throw out in the ashtray, and the high is "different" not necessarily "less tired".. but for this kief hash it would seem like a complete waste.. the high i get hot knifing it is by far better then the high i get vaping it (i did try once vaping a bowl of kief. i was dissapointed) so this is what i said back..."it has nothing to do with how you smoke it, its the strain of the pot, and it would be a complete waste to vaporize this stuff... " and i recieved this back... "
WRONG... When you burn stuff you denature it. During combustion of weed you not only destroy ~50% of the thc but you also create carcinogenic tar components, ciliostatic irritants, and toxic gases such as Carbon Monoxide. This will make you tired. Vaporizing evaporates the thc prior to combustion. Thus more thc enters the system and its a cleaner "healthier" high. It is a complete waste to burn it.

Evaporation of thc takes place just under 200 C. A match burns at 600-800 C. A butane flame burns at 1,977 C. So when you burn your hash, you only consume the evaporated thc (that which has only been heated to about 190 C) the rest denatures. The smoke itself is not what you want to inhale, its the evaporated thc among the smoke that gets you high. Therefore, by burning, not vaporizing you are waisting thc. It is actually a waist to take a flame to your weed.

try this method "guide to make hashish" video. You can also try an ice-olator. The method shown here only is good with buds(which contain a high percentage of tch crystals). No matter what, there is only a certain amount of thc on your buds when you buy them. Hash is a method of removing the crystals and melting them together. your leaves will have less thc crystals and is mainly vegetable matter. you cant create more thc by refining it, you can only harvest the crystals.

now pls understand that my vid was geared towards those pple that use the buster and wanted to know what they could do with the kief.. i dont like the icolator it makes green hash. i was not ever telling anyone to strip the pot of the crystals just what to do with wat was found in the lid after it cut it for you.. and i refered pple to another vid if they wanted to use leaf/shake anyway .. is his information factual? thanks sorry ithis story so long..

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There is truth in what he says about vaporizing, it doesn't burn the thc, but only boils it. Thus no thc is broken down to cbd, and you also don't get the co2, and co and the same amount of tar. but vaporizing properly is very difficult. most people vape too hot and end up burning the weed anyways, and i suppose some vape too low, also, most don't vape long enough. Say you have your vape set to the right temp, so 200C or so, when you first hit the weed you will get some visible vapor. Well after a few hits the visible vapor is gone, but you are still getting some vapor. Most people don't know this. SO you hit it untill you think there is nothing left then keep hitting it. You should continue to get higher for a bit.


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This type of high is decided on a very scientific level in fact. THC is responsible for the "up" high. While inversely CBD, a lesser cannibinol, is responsible for the "couch lock" high. Sativa dom. strains generally have a higher percentage of THC and lower levels of CBD, and generally Indica dom. strains have much more CBD than Sativa dom. strains. These chemicals are what decides the effect of the cannabis when smoked, vaped, or eaten. The method of ingestion does not decide what type of high you feel. Some methods are simply more efficient than others, and the more efficient the method the more of these chemicals will be absorbed by the body. For example, vaping is more efficient than smoking because more of the cannibinols are able to be absorbed by the body using this method.

Also, the longer a plant is flowered the more the THC converts to CBD and thus a more "couch lock" high can be achieved.
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