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Is this fungus gnat damage on my leaves?


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Similar damage?


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ok i am hoping the BT MICROBE LIFT is working and the larvae is dying and giving it a last hurrah fuckin up my plants leaves
got home today and more leaves twisted and crunched up, the discoloration is kinda gone though so i have two takeaways here

#1 i had a cal and mag defiency, because the color of the leaves look alot better today and
#2 i think the crunchy and twisty leaves is from fungus gnat damage

im also hoping that the Bacilluos thurungius is killing the larvae and maybe they are going crazy trying to eat the roots before they die, because there is definitely more messed up leaves now.

but at least the plant is getting big, its kinda a beast lol, i can only imagine how much bigger she couldve gotten sooner if i hadnt gotten these problems.

gorilla glue on the left white rhino on the right


below pic of the gorilla glue, im really impressed with the branching and flowering sites ive LST and also have supercropped a few branches


side shot of both


above the white rhino, her internode spacing is super frickin tight, i can only imagine how tights the colas will be!!


going to probably put them into flowering at the end of my work week on tuesday or wednesday, i have been putting flowering off for weeks, its been now 66-67 ish days from seed.

thanks for reading sorry for the long post lol
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