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Is this just the bud getting color? Sweet Afghani Delicious - Fast version


Every morning I check my two plants. This morning I noticed dark edging on one of my developing buds.

This plant is now 55 days since it was planted, and 52 days since it sprouted its first set of leaves.

Out of all the terminal buds on both plants, over forty, only one looks like this, with a darker edge. At first I thought it was mold, or insect damage, but upon a closer look, (and the fact it cant be scraped off - it's internal), I think the leaves are just picking up some purple color.


Am I right, or should I be worried and cut this bud off?

Here's a photo of the entire plant - it's now about 4 feet, 8 inches tall.




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The strain doesn't look purple in any pics on a quick Google search... Maybe the beginning of a phosphorus deficiency? I'm not too experienced so hopefully you'll get some better help soon but maybe that's a good start to look into. Hope it helps!


The darkened area on that one secondary shoot turned green - hardly any left.

Now since it was only one shoot, it could have just been a natural anomaly. I've seen non-cannabis plants mutate one shoot before. It's nature's way of developing new strains in its everlasting quest to survive.

As a botanist trained person, I'm always looking for these odd mutations on anything I grow. You never know when Mother Nature is going to gift you with something new.

I'll continue to monitor this secondary shoot for further anomalies. Who knows, it might develop into a full mutation. If it's interesting, I'll clone it.


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The leaf turning color could be from numerous things or conditions. From the look of it, i think it was because of the weather. When it gets cold for the certain strain it turns the leaf purple, but thats fine from what i can see.
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