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Is this LED Burn? Progressive yellowing of the leaves

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Hello all!

I was wondering if one of the 420Gurus could help me out today... with a little advice.

Can someone tell me what is wrong with my little plant? First the color of the tips starts to fade, then they turn yellowish and crispy.
Could it be that i had my 90W LED UFO to close to the little plants or is this a nute Problem?

The seed was planted 6th of september so she is about 4 weeks old. She has lived in the SoloCup the whole time without any added nutes (I want to transplant this weekend)

Im thankful for any advice!




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I am seeing a Magnesium deficiency, as Antics suggested, could be due to your PH. Are you feeding any Cal/Mg supplements?
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Thank you Guys! I knew I could count on you all :)

I will transplant her then today, the fresh soil should have enough nutes for the next two weeks and then she'll be put into flowering!
The lights are about 30cm away from the canopy, for flowering I'll be using a 180w full spectrum LED and put the UFO on the side of the box to supplement light to the lower portion of the plant.

Ill update when they are flowering :)