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Is this Nute Burn?


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Hello fellow growers!

I noticed a couple of brown spots this morning just before speeding off to work and some leaves that weren't doing to great, I'm wondering if this could simply be nute burn?

Why do I assume this? Because when I read off the famous deficiency chart the only cause for these symptoms would be a late-stage Mg deficiency. I didn't have the time to check PH this morning and will follow up with that, but I don't see how this could be a late-stage deficiency if it only just appeared. Furthermore, these girls are fed using the Hesi Soil Pack which, supposedly, auto adjusts PH to optimal levels (So no Fe or Zn lock-out) and should prevent a Mg defiency...

More info : Dinachem Clone at approx. 36[F] in a tent with 300W LED, lights approx 20cm from buds

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