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Is this powdery mildew?


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Guys so i think my first grow is a total failure.. i really dont know what to think right now cause i bought weed the other day and it has the same clear pointy hair like things coming out of the buds when you look close with a scope. I looked it up and it looks like powdery mildew and i am so fucking confused right now guys i really need some help here. Is what im looking at mildew or the natural formation of trichromes that never fully developed?? If someone could confirm this is or is not powdery mildew please..







Amadeus Forzin

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Found this great pic of powdery mildew.....

This is not the end of your grow, give me a minute and ill pull some bud washing instructions......


Here is a link on bud washing. The first post lists 3 bucket instructions. For powdery mildew you will need to add a 4th filled with h2o2 and water and used first.

Bud Washing
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Creme de la Creme Photos: Sept & Nov 2017 - Member of the Month: Feb 2018 - Photo of the Month: Feb 2018
Hey mr amazin thanks for the quick response earlier and great picture, i really appreciate it. If i did have powdery mildew bud washing would be the way to go but im safe. This was my first grow and as a first time grower you make mistakes. I mistook cystolith hairs for powdery mildew.

A tip to new growers dont look at pictures on the Internet and compare them to your buds. Things are misinterpreted and you could ruin all your hard work for nothing. I realize my pictures werent clear enough to tell what really was going on and i thank you guys for trying to help me.

Check out these non moldy killer buds i harvested before i realized i was an idiot.


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