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you could spend a lot of time back and forth with other growers here. it's the first and only forum i've registered with. I also wouldn't be where i'm at at this point in my learning if it wasn't for the awesome people that hang out here regularly.


the irony of calling this dusty and it takes me this long to reply. just call me bipolar among other behavioral issues! i'm going to gradually incorporate myself here i think. i have a lot of growing knowledge from a great and friendly forum that i'd like to share (message me if interested). in saying that, i've been honing in on strains for many conditions as i live with three others with a myriad of problems including cancer, dementia, ptsd, pain, depression and on and on, and i'm the only grower... ugh, talk about stress. i have found a good med for me now... northern lights, in particular nirvana seeds version which is listed as Afghan IBL. noting better than that for shutting down, but with my condition, it's an all purpose strain as daytime use keeps my mood stable and i'm able to combat ADHD, if i don't smoke too much at once, like stuffing a 18.8mm glass on glass bong and hitting it hard and long. ha. i like that too... i add a different strain at night and the result is brain, body, and face numbing qualities that do me right for a nights sleep. i even can sleep thru having to pee! haha. peace!!
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