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I was thinking of making a small grow over the summer nd thought of using lowryder seeds. Then i found lots of posts that they werent that potent.. has any1 tried this stuff? how many joints did it take to get high? Also, i read that planting mid/late july will only let your plants grow 2/3 feet. Is this true? If it is, when can they be harvested??
Well, what I know about lowrider, which isn't much, is that they are autoflower, and have a really fast turn around time. . .like 45 days or so. They only grow about a foot tall as well. I don't know about potency. :peace:
lowryder 2 for sure has more kick...but not as much as alot of strains. I grow this strain mainly because it is convenient.
yah, i think im gna go for purple power, gna buy a 4-pack from femaleseeds for €17 and start about late june, early july. Also, something cool i found out, in africa people can grow from november and harvest in april, im gonna try this after my summer crop. If this works it would be perfect. It would be convenient cos i wouldnt have to water (maybe during the weeks it doesnt rain), its not too cold (never goes under 6 degrees celcius) and i'd have bud year round :cheesygrinsmiley:
I purchased a pack of 15 lowryder seeds and so far only 2 out of the 7 seeds I have tried sprouted and those 2 died shortly there after due to me over watering them. I like the idea of the fast and small plants. I have some other plants growing like 'weeds' in my bathtub with just a pair of 4' flourescent grow tubes over them. The problem is they grew to 4 feet tall and still growing before the started to bud. I wanted something on a smaller scale that is why I am trying the lowryder.
either cross another very potent plant with a lowrider2(more potency then the original) to have a little smaller plants....or plant late in the season when the photoperiod is not to far away from changing to minimize the size of the plant....or tie the top of your plants down to the ground...

lowrider has its ups and downs....their good due to their small size and autoflowering features...but they lack in potency and yield all things you should consider when doing a grow...

ive grown lowrider2 and have smoked lr1..number 2 is more potent but its not nothing special just a little more danker then the took me about 3 bowls to get "stoned"
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