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is this turning hermy on me or it is just the cayax or whatever its called?


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she been in force flower now tonight will be the 7th night, i just noticed these, someone put my mind at ease?




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haha ive been growing it for 4 months, it was a feamle up until yesterday or so.. thats just one branche , there are 30 branches or so, and its only a few sacks on the heighest top 4, it wasnt a strong plant anyway, it was a "bagseed" from a bud a mate gave me from there first female they had created..

anyway shes/he is gunna stay until harvest and have its own tent, its mostly female, so actually i could give it that acid used by breeders to make it into a male, then breed it with a female, et voila , all fem seeds :)


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i dont think there is any female to that plant..looks 100% male to me but ya if u are gonna try and make seeds i guess haveing a male will be handy..i only like females personally bc i dont bred nothing..i grow outdoors and want only females but i like growing 10-15 differnt strains each year with only a 2 or 3 that i been growing previous years..the ones i been growing multi years are the berry bomb and delahaze but i think i have found another keeper or 2 for my grows and that is the blue dream-HSO and trainwreack-hso
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