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Is Tiger Bloom alright for flowering?

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Trying to see what fertalizer to use during flowering. Trying to ger away from that nasty miracle grow and can only pick one. Got the veg stage covered already. Just wanted to know if Tiger Bloom is good to use all by itself for flowering stage. Can only pick one product, so asking what you think the best one is for flowering that will give good nutirents and keep the green ladies happy. Not sure which one to buy even after reading alot about it.

What one do you think does the best job? I know everyone uses what they think is best, so that is what I wanted to hear about the BEST one for flowering. Does not matter if it is chem or organic. I just need to know which onw to buy. \

What do you think?

BWC BayArea

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Most people I've seen use additives along with it. I do believe that Fox Farms recommends using grow and tiger bloom together. I see people using ChaChing and I forget the other additive that's popular. Search the threads, there's plenty of info in regards to Fox Farm product in the forums. If you really can only afford one product, off hand I'd say try DynaGrow Bloom mix. Its very affordable and requires no mixing. Just dilute to the desired PPMs, PH, and feed. There's another brand that gets more accolades and is more expensive but I can't remember the name right now. I wanna say Flora Nova, but I could be wrong. Hope this at least points you in the right direction.
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