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Israeli Startup Puts Cannabis Flavored Edibles On The Market!

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More than a year ago, I wrote about one of Israel's top medical innovations: the 3D printed medical marijuana inhaler. And now, one of the nation's leading startups is bringing in another force of action to further legitimize the cannabis industry.

While it's no surprise that cannabis has always been a topic surrounded by much controversy, one Israeli startup, Eybna Technologies Ltd., is helping to change the way the world perceives use of the drug.

Say hello to cannabis flavored and scented products, without the high!

The startup, which launched about three years ago by CEO and co-founder Nadav Eyal, was initiated to help normalize the use of cannabis by medical patients and also remove the stigma associated with the drug. In doing so, the company released its latest product just this past month: natural terpene based cannabis flavors that are completely free of any illegal traces.

For starters, terpenes are aromatic compounds that are known for giving each cannabis strain its own unique scent and flavor. Eybna's goal is to sell them to product manufacturers around the world, allowing for a variety of cannabis flavored products.

Eybna has already partnered up with companies worldwide to create a variety of cannabis scented and flavored products, according to Aviv Junno, VP Business Development.

"The terpenes are used to make products taste and smell like cannabis," Junno said. "Some partners are releasing cannabis flavored e-liquids for electronic cigarettes and flavored lollipops."

And unlike other methods of extracting cannabis terpenes, Eybna's technology leaves no traces behind of chemicals such as THC and CBD. "[Eybna's] cannabis terpenes are completely pure," Junno explained. "They are free of any illegal traces making them shippable worldwide."

While the cannabis flavored terpenes only hit the market this month, the company has already received numerous inquiries about its latest innovation. "We've already had orders in the past six months, just because people found out through word-of-mouth," Junno said.

Now, the company is focusing on raising money to help get more products out on the market in hopes of normalizing cannabis and further legitimizing the industry.

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