Issues with nutes - Crispy drying leaves - Pics inside

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Hey fellow 420'er, hope everyone is well and growing good.

Over the past week i have ran into some problems. At the moment they may not be anything to worry about and is just part of the process (lower leaves dying off etc, I'm unsure) but hopefully someone can help me out. I will try to give as much info as possible.

I am on week 3 of vegging and have started giving her 0.5ml of biobizz grow per litre. She is taking between 2-3 litres every 3-4 days. The PH of my water here is fine as i have tested it wit a kit and it is in the correct region. The bottom leaves are a bit crispy but the mid to upper plant looks perfect, according to me anyway i may be wrong so please correct me if i am. Also i am unsure when she will be ready to go into the photoperiod flowering stage.

Is it possible i am not using enough biobizz notes and should up it to 1-2ml per litre???

Looking forward to everyones input, much appreciated.

Thanks guys,