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It is so sad...


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It is so sad to see so many sick people around me whose problems could all be solved with just a little weed. Instead of turnign into some angry drunks they could smoke and relieve all their pain. My parents all have been brainwashed into thinking marijuana is some crazy mind/life ruining drug. If only they would open their eyes. I see my grandmother aroudn me every day in pain, becuase she is old. She cant eat, she has trouble sleeping, and her hand-leg-arm joints hurt because of her old age. I know if she did some weed it would solve all her problems. The old people around me are in agony, and only if they could know the truth. I know so many people around me who judge people who do weed and look at them like some sort of monster.It is saddening. If only people would know the truth and stop this bullshit the world would be a better place. If only people around the world would open their eyes and see what is going on. That we have better things to focus on. Wouldn't be better to make everybody's life easier and happier? I mean isnt that the point of life, to be happy. We have such a short time to live, we should enjoy it.



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I wouldn't say weed could fix all of your grandmothers problems, but it could defintatly make them easier to deal with.. For me, weed helps the mental problems much better then the physical.


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I agree


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I wouldnt say it fixes anything either. . . it can be used as a medication and will greatly HELP people in your grandmothers situation, helping releave pain, allowing her to eat, allowing her to sleep. Do you live in an area where medicinal is available, if you do i would seriously consider suggesting that to her as a medication


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hell yeah , i totally agree with you. everyones been brainwashed thinking weed is bad. if only everyone knew the truth


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My father died from throat cancer 2 years ago. Before he died he would smoke all the time. The doctors gave him tons of different pills, shots, and even liquid morphine, but the only thing that really helped him was smoking pot. Cigarettes are what killed him, that's why I'm quitting them before 2006 hopefully. I wish more people in pain would seek relief through cannabis.
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