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It is with great disappointment that I learned today, Canadian Border Security is seizing cannabis seeds imported from Spain


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"legal marijuana" is all about the money. If it wasn't it would simply be decriminalized. But my making it "legal" they strip our rights from us and sell them back in the form of a license or permit. They also get to create a whole new layer of bureaucracy and pad their own pockets along the way. Look at how many former politicians now own at least a portion of some company cashing in on this . Don't play by their rules, don't have enough money, too bad, no soup for you.


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Yup only Government Approved and Taxed seeds are legal for us Canadians. And here in my province and the one next door we have a grand total of two, that's right two, crap-tacular strains to picks from. Impressive to say the least. Especially at 50 plus tax for 3 seeds and zero freebies, you can imagine the lineup.
I've just been doing everything I can to avoid hermies, light leaks, stress and anything else that might end me up with a thousand illegal seeds in my tent lest an agent of the state find out and send me off to the big house.
But seriously, my Seedsman order the other week made it into the country all intact. Not giving details of the hilarious packaging that even had me fooled at first in case you know who is watching...


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Well you know what we've got to do, folks. Make our own. I don't like keeping males around but we can start swapping pollen when we get them. And you know I buy perennial plant seeds from Australia and Britain and funny how no one wants those at the border. To be honest, some of the perennial plants could actually become invasive let out in the wilds here. That is what those laws are intended to stop, either invasive species or virus laden materials. But no. I get them easily. I'm still annoyed, sorry.
I recently had the misfortune of a Male plant pollinating one of my girls, with this news it now looks like it might not have been so bad after all. Can anybody give me some tips on collecting and storing pollen?


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The border crossings seize seeds ( not just cannabis, but also vegetable , flower seeds & grain ) to stop the spread of diseases & bugs :rolleyes:
Anything crossing the border has to be inspected & approved by the federal gov't
One thing that happened to us was having our soil ammendments seized. We had ordered an organic soil ammendment from California. The seller sent us an e-mail explaining what had happened. One of their employees had marked soil ammendment on the outside of the package causing it to be confiscated.


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Legal here in Michigan too. And you know they import hemp seeds in bird seed by the ton. Very, very annoying to say the least. And you can eat them, too. So what, are they going to nab all the edible seed that makes it across the pond?
It’s becoming a costly problem for som, iv lost over $300.00 dew to customs in the U.S. .
Just part of the game ? For now I guess.


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With legalization came a regulation you could only buy seeds from a licensed producer.

Of the licensed producers only a couple are offering seeds from what I've seen in Alberta there's only two options one kush and one 1:1
True North Seedbank, BC Bud Depot, Montreal cannabis seeds, and several others if you look around.

Tons of seed banks in Canada, I don’t know why you’d bother ordering seeds from another country.
When you can save $20 off one pack of seeds, that pays for shipping, or you can tack on more seeds. When the reward is much bigger than the risk, you take it.

I'd rather 60 seeds from 8 different seed banks for $250, rather than 30 seeds from 4 breeders at $250


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the custom with let pass few seed but if you order like more than 100 seed, maybe your order will get catch by the custom but i never order seed outside canada


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I always get my seeds through stealth means from Europe. I've never had mail seized so I guess I should count myself lucky. I'm pretty sure they've always seized cannabis seeds if they found them in the past no? In the 90s they weren't all making it through. Or is it because we're supposed to be legal and they're still behaving like it's illegal?


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Well- ‘legal’ definitely isn’t the same thing as free, unrestricted, or unregulated, like growing lettuce, as some of us would wish, or imagine.
It means ‘permitted by the law’, and always comes with a list of restrictions. Penalties for almost all of the restrictions on the current Canadian list are capped at 14 years in prison.
14 years...

Looking at it cynically, ‘legal’ is a sort of fancy way of saying ‘illegal’ (except under the following list of heavy restrictions and penalties) I guess that’s why some push for decriminalization instead.

As far as I can figure out, cannabis seeds weren’t ever officially legal in Canada, but they weren’t officially illegal either. I’d never heard of anyone having seeds seized before cannabis became ‘legal’. I guess it’s been a grey area.
I’ve looked but haven’t seen what the legal basis, if any, they are using for seizing seeds. Would be nice to see that get challenged.

I hate this $hit personally so never spend much time looking into it. But there are several people on the forum who have spent a lot of time looking into all the legal nooks and crannies and may have more solid facts of what we are ‘permitted’ to do, if that thing is your cup of tea.
My understanding was something like this-

If they are sold as hemp seeds, novelty seeds or something, and (supposedly) not for the intent of growing marijuana, and the seeds themselves contain no drug content (THC, etc.) and are not intended for any illegal purposes, then you are fine.

Apparently not anymore?
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Exactly why decriminalization is the only answer. In Michigan for example they want to regulate every bud from seed to sale. They want to collect tax dollars on every single transaction they can.
There's a small island up there, all the mail goes through the states due to a lack of a causeway onto the island. Anyways since legal Cannabis passed up there almost all of their mail gets opened now.


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Tbh I think international mail is scanned and any seeds would be flagged, but with the volume of mail I’m sure lots get though safe and sound. I wouldn’t take the chance and just order within your country.

The problem with that, in the states anyways. It's a felony to ship Cannabis seeds across state lines. Importing them from another country is only a customs violation. Food for thought.
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