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Iti Goes Regular With Dark Energy x OG


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
So I figure I get a new journal going for these new girls. So let's get a quick back story and get on our way. I have regular seed ... dark energy x OG, I started 6 and got 4 females and the 2 dudes got composted. I've also got a clone of an Increditable bulk in with these.

Everyone got transplanted today into 7 gallon fabric pots. I also mixed a feed for watering them. Just over 1 gallon each.
5+ gallons of water
60 ml cns17 grow
15 ml pure blend tea
15 ml Liquid karma
20 ml Calmag
4 ml z9

I'll let these girls go for a few days, and then is gonna get some thinning out and training. Then I will be getting my cloner going when I thin everyone out.


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
Morning everyone
So I've got to get around to trimming these girls up and work on getting everyone tied up and trained. I need to really work on getting things nice and even on the canopy. My IB clone is the only one that's topped... with the dark engery OG i just tied down the top and started chasing it around the rim of the pot. Well see how it goes

This also means that I'll be getting my cloner going. This is all new stuff for me so we will we how it goes.


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
Trying to time it for a few clones for the summer. I'm definitely a few weeks ahead of my optimal timing for putting them out in the GH. But I think I'll get started at this today, just want to time it right for the veg tent.... when I move these to flower I want to be transplanting clones for the veg tent
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