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Itibitiguy, Jack Herer & Blueberry Gum #2


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
Got some frost starting on the lavenderdogs and the Jack's are starting to build. Transplanted the Jack's to fabric pots last night and filled the cloner this morning. All 6 dark energy x OG are up. I need to get some more blankets ... my blankets are now stretched from covering 1 tent, to two tents and now we at 3 tents, so the heaters are working more than I want atm


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
Still super busy.... my camera on my phone is done. New phone on the way :yahoo: so I'll be getting so better updates in the future.
The jack in flower tent 1 is doing good, gotta water it every second day. The lavenderdogs in fewer tent 2 are doing really really nice under the new light, a few weeks to go yet. And the veg tent got a bit of everything .. cloner machine is going, 6 dark energy, and 4 jacks vegging up good.


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
Done some watering tonight and got some pics (best I could get my camera working) feed for the veg tent Jack's, 4 gallons of water and 90 ml of botanicare grow. I also put everyone up on some 2 inch foam strips, might have been getting some cold feet syndrome. I'm just using all my nutrients up before I get new stuff. I've got a bit of botanicare grow and bloom lefts so I'll use that and maybe try something new. Veg tent

Now flower tent 2 the lavenderdogs... watering tonight 6 gallons of water with 90ml of terpinator. Watered all evenly. Also raised all these with 2 inch foam... damn that cold feet.


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
Quick update.

Flower 1 with the jack is doing good... still going strong except for those 2 tops.... I suspect the frost hit the main stem at those nodes, it's only just hanging in there while everything else is building up good. But she'll still be a nice girl.

Flower 2, lavenderdogs, going really good. Got some colour coming out on the back left corner.... possibility of a cold spot back there, some fans are turning purple, looks like they are getting ready to start bulking up

Veg tent, 4 Jack's are doing good. Dark energy x OG are doing good... got 3 that are much bigger than the other 3.... possible of males, or sativa. Clone all got roots now except 3 or 4... so I'll be doing that Sunday.


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
Saturday night update.

Veg tent
Going good in here.... 6 dark energy x OG are doing good, I need to get them transplanted and a small feed as we are into the forth week. Clones are doing good... my buddy should be here the week for them. My 4 vegging girls are more then ready to get into flower. I think the 4 lavenderdogs will be done first, but it's a min of 2 weeks out. These will be a feed tomorrow.

Flower tent 1

The jack is doing okay... the 2 top affected by the frost hit are kind of hanging in there. But she doing good... she got thirsty in the pic, but i gave her a gallon or more of just water... maybe another feed for her tomorrow as well.

Flower tent 2

The lavenderdogs are coming along.... they seemed to be finishing up really fast this time... I dont know if maybe the cold feet or maybe something else but they all turn to red hairs on the canopy really fast, as they should have 2 to 3 weeks left to go. I gave them just plan water the week, so I'd have to decide if they get anymore feeds. Also got some colour coming out on these too


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
Feed night for a bunch of girls. Vegging girls got a gallon each,
4 gallons of water
90 ml grow
15 ml pure blend tea
30 ml terpinator

Flower tent 2, lavenderdog
Mixed 6 gallons of water
45 ml bloom
30 ml pure blend tea
30 ml terpinator
1.5 gallons each... likely the last feed, might have gotten away with this one as just water too, but I had the nutrients mixed. Had a small amount leftover I put it on the jack .


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
It can only help to feed them.
They are fading fast, but it is what it is now. I'm sure it'll be fine. They have to come down soon, I'm out of bud... gave the wife the last half jar.
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