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Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
Welcome to my journal, feel free to sub up and follow along :welcome: all comments are welcomed :Namaste:

First a bit of where my tent is and what conditions i have to deal with... So my tent is in an area that is not insulated and unheated area, and it gets cold here. Currently i have a 120 cm x 120 x 150 tent which is covered in old comforters and blankets from the thrift store for insulation. Inside is a 6" inline fan and filter, two 12" oscillating fans, mars ll 700w, and a oil filler radiator heater. But i have got a new setup in the works but i won't have it ready for a week or 2. So ill have to start with my current setup, but i am just waiting on it to get freed up :3: in 2 days

What strain is it = Unknown bag seed
Soil = Promix HP
Pot Size = Two 7 gallon fabric pots, 4 plastic buckets at 4.4 gallon
Size of light = Mars ll 700watt to start
Temp of Room = anywhere from 18 to 26
Type ferts used - Botanicare CNS17 Grow, Bloom, and Ripe

Second the new girls... :cheer::cheer:
They were started somewhere around October 15. I've had them in a small DIY tent/fixtures that i slapped together so i could get a jump on this grow (sucks having to start from seed each time) They haven't been doing the best... i got no fan inside and they stretched after sprouting, and is seems to be a bit to hot in there for them, but it will have to do for this time. They are coming around thou, and as soon as i can get in tent ill be transplanting and moving them in. First picture is October 17 and you can see how lanky they are, how bout that DIY ? :3: Pic 2 is from today, pic 3 fabric pots just waitin.

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

Third Some history on the unknown strain. I got this bag seed last Xmas, found 16 seeds in a bag... it was nice smoke and the seed looked nice and matured. So i kept them, i was only just starting out growing for myself and was doing a horrible job with auto's that i purchased at the started, so i figured i try my bag seed. First run i royally screwed up... when i flipped to 12/12's i got the brilliant idea to turn off my grow switch, had it off for over a week before i found that i shouldn't have done that and ended up with a lot of hermies. I kept on growing these till at week 8 of flowering i got spider mites, fought them for a week and then just chopped it down. Now i ended up with and bunch of feminized seeds, but i know they will have the hermied trait carried down with them. So i Started up again after a good cleaning, using the same seeds i got at xmas. 2 out of 8 hermied, 1 was only one nut sack, and the other had a bunch.... i just kept a good eye and picked anything that looks like a balls and these will be chopped down tomorrow night i couldn't see any signs of seeds poking out but i guess i see if any pollinated this time.

I would really like to find out what strain this is, any help would be greatly appreciated.

and Lastly would be my new setup. Ill be moving into a new tent 120 cm x 120 x 180, with an mars pro ll epistar 320, i can't wait, gonna be exciting to have some head room :3: should be setup within a couple of weeks.


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Nail it friend. I won this contest last year. All you have to do is to update often with plenty of photos


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
Time for the first update [emoji106]

So i had a look today to see if and root are showing.... oh yeah these girls got roots going now lots sticking out, transplanting this weekend.

Everyone was felt pretty light, i got out the cns17 grow and had a look at the feeding schedule. It recommends 7ml/gallon for seedling stage, so i mixed up 8ml in 2 liters of water and ph'd to 6.5. I ph my tap water with vinegar, one ml per liter. There isnt anything about what strength per liter, so I just guess 2ml per liter. The girls are into week 2 so should be fine.

Everyone got about 250ml each before I got some run off.

Group shots

Can't wait to move these girl under the mars... hopefully sunday



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Right, but you don't need to update the grow journal everyday.

Nail it friend. I won this contest last year. All you have to do is to update often with plenty of photos


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
Right, but you don't need to update the grow journal everyday.
Ill be updating when something is going on with the girls or I'm doing something for them. I want to get a detailed journal, something that I can refence to later on. I also want to start making my only soil amenities but that will be next year before I start, so this journal will be like the controlled to compare to.


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
Time for an update...

So finally it's time to transplant. I started by watering the pots first, of course I watered too much and all the run off made a mess, but I know what each pot will hold when watering.
The transplant done

The girls all moved into there new home, got my mars ll 700 vegging them up. [emoji106] and mixed up 2l with 8 ml cns17 grow and gave them a little drink to start with. Ill let them dry out and ill start with the feed schedule. GROW BABIES GROW



Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
I was anticipating my new tent today so I was busy getting everything ready. Moving the old tent with everything inside to make room for the new tent was a task. But i got everything ready and only Got half of my new goodies today, hoping to get the other have tomorrow and get it all set up [emoji7] [emoji7] [emoji7] this 320 is a monster..... Can't wait.

Also got the glasses too... very nice, ive got another pair but it doesn't cut the purple out.

All the girls are doing good and the pots are getting lighter, drink time the weekend
Couple pics



Grow Journal of the Month: July 2019
Well ive upgraded to a new full height tent and a new mars pro ll epistar 320. Girls all moved into there new home... wow look at all this new head room and this new light [emoji106] [emoji106] [emoji7] [emoji7]

More update to come later...
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