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Its 4:19 Any one got a minute.


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Hey Im brand new,and gotta say I love this place.Ive been
an avid toker since around 1988,but several years ago I
had been in a real bad car accident,and due to that I have
several chronic pain conditions.They have me on heavy pain
killers,they help but after 12 years of taking them Ive grown
tollernt to them.I found when I puffed it honestly helped better
than the pills.I would love to know what the pharmacutical
companys would think about that.The sweet cheeba also
helps the insane insomia that comes with the pain.:smoke2:


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welcome fellow toker, carol you asked before what we can do, well I figure that openly discussing what you seen on the video would be a good start. Thats what I have been doing for a while now. Funnily enough it comes to me better when I've had a smoke. Some people just don't want to hear it though which is pretty disappointing I mean how the hell can you compare smoking a j to injecting hard drugs its absolutly outrageuos. peace...
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Thanks everyone, this place is freakin great Ive already learned alot and will
continue to also a special call out to Moose for the advise on putting the
lights as soon as a plant germinates,thanks:headbang:
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