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Its been a while..


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hey 420 crew
how are you?
im still climbing my trees, even in the snow.
getting creative, so i can let you know,
of all the neat things i did while i was away.
started adventures, trudging the sleigh.
built lots of neat things this winter, and now its all gone.
no more snow to stuff in my bong.
but thats ok, another season passes, and yet im still here.
glad to show the doctors their off by another year.

i see, i get to accomplish another 420 post,:28:
my last one i had so much to say. i just had to boast
that feling was cool, id love to do it again.
messing with my post count, to me is not a sin.
its a jackpot win.
got some great nugs, passed em around,
got soooo baked, no-one made a sound,
our brains turned to glop
our butts stayed plopped.

moved from a 1 bedroom, to a 3!
i can keep up with the bills by myself, im proud of me.
there is still no one special, but i smile everyday,
....my toys, do just fine anyway.
* evil giggle*
the yard is big, the kid is happy.
even tho the neighbors are crappy.
but the manager said; you can have your goat, gonna name him billy.
i know.... its stupidly silly....
with gas at $4, milk close to $4, cigs at $5, eletric and phone almost $10 higher,
getting i net at home makes my bank account dryer.
my friend is great, so i took up an offer, to place my pc there,
in her home, so i can stop once a week to share,
cramming rymes in your face,
trying not, to let a detail go to waste.

my son is now 10... oh my gosh what can i say??
........ we take it, day by day.
dyslexia messing with him bad, but he stays on track.
he tries too hard, not giving himself slack.
my personal vendetta agnst the school, i placed on hold,
C.P.S. is just too bold.
they know ill fight. they know, i know, ill lose.
neither of us, wants to choose.

my legal problems loom in the shadows still,
i continue to take them on, i have not had my fill.

my pets are gone, but one.
my turtle, stew. um yea.. lots of fun...
getting bigger so we can eat,
gosh, cant wait for the treat.
not really tho, i got too attached.
but when i first got her, a plan had hatched.
cezar, the boxer, has passed, hit by a car.
not sure if you knew. my memory dont always reach that far.
norman, the litter trained, free roaming rat, got a cold and died.
the most interesting pet ill ever have.. yea i cried..
it was neat to have new peeps in my home,
the way they freaked, when they saw a giant 6p rat, freely roam.
they way he would grab at my socks, pull them off my feet,
clean my bud, so we can share a treat.
rocky lawless, the pit bull, found a home after a year.
such a perfect dog, i shed a happy tear.

before i go
id love to know....
how is ShadyLady?
i must admit i was a lil obcessive, was not trying to be a pest,
but,,, her wellbeing i was putting above the rest.
i did not recieve much kindness before i met many of you.
you opened my eyes and gave me a clue.
mmj users you seem to understand,
not speaking of reasons we smoke, but the fate that lies in our hands.
i smile for the 420 crew,
i smile for all of you!

holly cow are you sick of reading yet? well i suppose, now i should go,
just wanted to let you all know,
im happy to visit,
happy as a sniget....
so enough about me.. i want to know; how is everyone???:ganjamon::rasta:


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Welcome back. I hope all your legal issues are behind you.

thats funny.. lol
its ok, im taking it like a....... man?
i still face my trial, and i fight n fight.. :rollit::peace::3:
i missed you Smokin Moose...


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Hey...glad you're back. Have thought of you and your poetry often. I don't know about Shady lady. Maybe someone else does. Good luck to you. :yummy:
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