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A marijuana activist allegedly busted with a pound of pot claims police have no proof that what they seized is not catnip -- and he intends to try to prove it in court.

"It's a simple mistake. It looks like good stuff," said Ron McInnes, 60, owner of The Pot Shop in Orillia, which sells pipes, bongs and flavoured rolling papers.

McInnes, who is charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking, was set to defend himself yesterday at his trial, but the court ran out of time and his case was adjourned.

His plan is to show that catnip, which he keeps around his home and even grows in his yard for his two chubby cats, tests positive for THC -- the psychoactive chemical in cannabis, the plant that yields marijuana.

While his plan to carry out the test in court yesterday went up in smoke, McInnes demonstrated his defence back at his shop.

He dipped a handful of catnip into a container of water and shook it up, then used an MP Rapid test kit specifically designed to test for THC in marijuana.
Seconds after putting droplets of the liquid onto the test card, two pink lines appeared in the test window -- indicating a positive sample for THC -- even though there is no THC in catnip.

McInnes claimed that testing done by the police is no more accurate than his test.

"Their testing equipment is just more expensive, that's all," he insisted.

McInnes said bags of catnip are a common treat around his home because it grows wild around his dwelling. To make a point, he went out and pulled a large stock of the herb from his overgrown backyard and gave it to one of his fat cats, which promptly started chewing on it.

"My cats get the best," he quipped. "In pet stores they grind up the stock with it, but I just use the leaves and the buds. It's good stuff."

He said police are wasting taxpayers' money by hovering around him.

"I don't even jaywalk," he said. No date has been set yet for McInnes' new trial.


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I think it pretty well show's us that things are SLOW to change,A LOT of people still look at this MJ.thing no differently than they did 20 Yrs. ago.Changes are A cummin and some of those lost souls will Never get it.
HAVE FAITH Changes are A cummin


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I live in Orillia I have been in The Pot Shop he even has a website. He wears a cap with a pot leaf on it a Tshirt that says "Legalize it" he does kinda look like a stoner but i don't think I ever heard anybody say he sells weed.

just my 2cp Ogre


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Lets hear it of our fearless leaders they busted another old man. No doubt he and his attack cats are a danger to society and need to be locked away!!


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I'm sick of all this crap! Even if the dude did have pot, its not like we want to pay to keep him behind bars..... Just another easy target for lazy ass cops that are afraid of the real bad guys...........................Doughnut anyone?


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Stupid society. Seems it will cost more than they will make off of fining him. And who cares if he owns a Head Shop, I didnt hear anything about pot plants around his place just cn plants. You have to be really desparate to make some money and spend your time hassling a good soul. Cops and Judges have gotten very lazy these days. Im sure theres a woman being beaten somewhere or a child buying h*in or a dude robbin a granny in an old folks home. Where did our cops with values go ? So sad. You go and kick some ass Ron !!!
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