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It's FRIDAY!!! What did you have on or around "4:20"


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:3: Hey all!

I have this habit now of observing 420 in the afternood based on the legend of origin...usually Friday is my best 4:20 PM break...today I am vaporizing Purple Haze Amber Goo and it is a fantastic Sativa for setting the night right. I'm eating a "Tainted Peanut Butter Cookie " w/ Peanut Butter ( TAINTED...of course ) and washing it down w/ Buddha's Punch EXTRA strong..................:metal: :yikes: :15: :33:

Now...who wants to join my crew upon the Starship MMJ Ragamuffin 420??????? Arghhhhhhhh matey come aboard now ;)


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I was able to make some 4:20am sessions this week...:smoke2:


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psh today at 4:20 I was working...haha...I remember looking at the clock at 4:20 and I wanted to point it out to my manager but I figured I'd not do that.


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lol. i so rarely spark up during daytime. i miss it. you guys are lucky.


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I didnt get to make it today either. However around 1 pm this afternoon me and a friend endulged 2.5 grams of the hydro he grew (A clone from a white widow plant i gave him). The breeder was greenhouse seeds, and I liked the outcome. This mornin at 420 Ill be packing a sweet bong of G-13 x Hashplant topped with some kief from a Northern lights #5.


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at 420 on friday i was at my homies ripping my roor, waiting for five o clock to come around to leave work.
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