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It's good to be back


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Yo guys,
Good to see all you again.
I used to post here back in the day when I was a noob stoner in high school. Those were the 'daze'. Now I'm back, I'm older, I don't live with my parents anymore, and I'm still a big stoner so of course I'm growin' my own weed now!

I recognize some of the people here, like DaHui, damn you've been here a long time girl.

Anyways, I'm glad to be here with so many other people who share the same love of this beautiful herb. Pictures of my grow setup will be in the growing forums once the photos are approved, so check it out in the next day or so.

Peace guys.


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Your not suppose to be on the site unless your 18! lol Oh well... Good to have ya back. Stick around and see if you think the site has improved :3:


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I wasn't 18 when I started here, but I kept that quiet, sorry guys. But now I'm almost 20 so hopefully it ain't no thang.
I'm putting up my pictures in the grow journal section right now..

EDIT: Alright check out my setup: My first attempt ever
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