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I happened to be at home today when the postman came by. Boy, am I glad I was! My beautiful glass bong has arrived! It's a little one footer with a clear glass column and a bowl and base painted with a multitude of trippy colored spots. I have been a pipe smoker for a long time. I haven't even owned a bong in probably a dozen years. But, you guys, speaking so eloquently about the pleasures of bonging, convinced me to go back to it. I ordered my little number from one of the site's sponsors, 420 COLOR CHANGING GLASS | Water Bongs Glass Pipes. It came even more quickly than promised. I am very pleased. I don't own a digital camera (Photographically, I am trapped in the 20th century.), so, I cannot share pictures. You will just have to imagine what I have described, and know that I am enjoying it. It is so nice to smoke from clean glass with a cool ice catcher.
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