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It's Saturday, Gotta Pass A Drug Test On Monday


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Ok so I have researched and researched and read and read all about passing a drug test but I'm not 100% that my plan is going to work. I just found out that I had to take a drug test thursday and, yesterday (friday) i drank nothing but water. My piss is running clear and today I went out and bought Creatinex3 Elite Series which I'm not even sure that's the right stuff... this is my first drug test. I also got aspirin because I heard that it helps the weight of your pee because it'll be so diluted? And I got gatorade and cranberry juice. I smoked everyday, loud weed, about a gram and a half a day.. I quit for now yesterday. I'm 21, 5 foot 2, 105ish pounds. I took the creatine about an hour and a half ago and plan to take it every 4 hours along with constantly drinking water and gatorade and cranberry juice taking turns with each. I've heard that the vitamin b12 will keep your pee yellow but I have alot of left over prenatal pills that have b12 in it but I'm not sure if the other stuff in it will mess me up? I'm not sure how much of the aspirin I should take without killing myself because I am a small person..
Anyways if anyone could tell me if they really think this could work or could give me additional suggestions that would be awesome! Thanks!



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Diluting for you will not be an option. You smoked much too recently. Maybe if you quit a few weeks ago youd have a shot. You will need to either get synthetic urine or someone elses clean pee and smuggle it in. Sorry you have to go through this. =(


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You're going to need to sub with synthetic or someone elses clean urine.
Doesn't do any good to drink lots of fluids days before the test and aspirin won't help. The detox drink might help a little but it won't flush the thc metabolites out of your system because thc is not water soluble. You should be able to find some synthetic urine in a local smoke shop or porn store. Practice to keep the heat within range.
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