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Its so Irie here!

Captain Kronic

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I was sitting back and smoking one... as I am known to often do. Whilst I was doing this... I had a line of thought that, well... I thought it was a thought worth sharing :high-five: How many of those do you have in a day? LOL

Anyways, I have long enjoyed forum life :Namaste:

I just wonder, does anyone else ever think... being a part of the 420 mag family is a pretty awesome thing... there are many really really cool peeps here; people of all colors, creeds, religions, sexual orientation, opinions ect ect. (I know you knew that) :)
The thing is... most of us don't know the persons we talk to here on a daily basis, meaning most of the time, we don't know what the color, sex, ect ect of the other person is... that's my point... when we respond/help or even just comment on a post; we are able (hopefully) to do it w/o all our prejudices or preconceived ideas about other (types of peoples).

This site allows us to take each other based on our interactions here... not color nor religion not politics or any of that other extraneous crap.
We can and DO it based on our love of growing MJ and also, hopefully, a love for our fellow man, that we may bond together for the purpose of one day being able to stand side by side, brother, sister... a well informed, loving community... that's what I think this is all about!

This place allows me to treat people w/o any of my daily prejudices and such things getting in the way, it makes it easier for me to respond in love, compassion and kindness... free of any preconceived ideas about the person I am helping... how many times a day do you get to help someone just to do it... whether they are African, Irish, Indian, White... doesn't matter... we are all one family here!

Anyways... I find myself wanting more of this in my life... how about you!
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As much as I can ( I am only human) I really try to run my real life as you have discribed the 420 family here.
And I agree with all you say and I have never had issues with people because of colors, creeds, religions, sexual orientation.... opinions well...I can't say I agree with everyone but I can agree to dissagree when needed and move on.
For the most part, the people I know that smoke marijuana also live thier lives in a simular mannor. From what I have seen, I think it is so with most people that smoke.

It's a dream that has been around for a long time....For people to just accept and respect thoes differences that makeus who we are!


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The thing that drew me to becoming a member of this site after a week or so of actively reading was the pure community. Welcoming, accepting, and all about weed. How could you not like this place :tokin:

Captain Kronic

Member of the Month: July 2011
Yeah, this is the one place I have where I can daily talk w/heads from all over the world and learn about them and swap trade secrets and shite like that.

I can help people and accept help from people that, in the real world might not even look my way... if they didn't like middle aged long hairs... LOL... you get my drift I'm sure!

Yup, this is a chill place to be!

Julie Gardener

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:ciao: I'm here, I'm here...I just love warm n fuzzy moments. As a matter of fact, just yesterday morning I was feeling warm and fuzzy and went strolling through one of the forums and giving thanks to people who help make it happen here. And I was stoned sober. Honestly, I don't smoke much. Oops, can't use that as an excuse...hehe. I'm here to learn how to do all things Cannabis from growing, making hash oil as medicine for myself to being an activist. This is a great site and so well taken care of. Thank you to all who make it happen...members, staff and sponsors. I've learned so much from everyone and have been inspired many, many times. It's nice to have a place that everyone is so open to sharing, helping each other and having the ability to discuss, debate and learn even more without feeling judged or ridiculed. When I have posted something that I thought might have been a little off, the response was pleasant and made me feel welcome for the try, or gently put in the right light. I knew this was a great place already but Captn', who has been around the forums for years and comes up with this thread, really hits it home! Let's hope this kind of forum with such love and respect for each other spreads like weeds across the world. When it comes down to it...we are all the same but different... and should respect that.

Much respect to everyone...Love, peace and joy :Namaste:


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Your subject line drove me to this post..'cause Irie are my favourite brand of papers.. lol. It's nice that I found this forum where we can openly talk about this culture of ours.
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