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It's Time to End the Marijuana Madness

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It's been a bad stretch for people who depend on marijuana as a way of dealing with a wide range of medical issues.

It began with Gov. Chris Gregoire gutting legislation that would have brought some sense to the chaos of pot dispensaries and protection for patients prescribed marijuana.

It continues with a ruling from the State Supreme Court and a decision by the Washington Board of Pharmacy.

The court has decided that it's just fine for an employer to fire someone for having used marijuana even if when their doctor prescribed it for them.

On top of that, the Pharmacy Board has once again voted to keep marijuana as a schedule I controlled substance, right up there with heroin and LSD.

The real problem in all this is the degree of politics involved with what should be medical decisions.

There is a mound of medical evidence that illustrates the value of marijuana in treating everything from glaucoma to migraines to mitigating the effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients.

Yet we have federal, state and local officials who arrogantly and stubbornly refuse to accept studies and facts.

Fortunately, they are slowly losing ground.

Sadly, the people who need and depend on medical marijuana are losing time.

This madness has to end.

Let's legalize pot and move on.

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