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It's Time To Get Serious About Pot Dispensary Regulations


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Serious medical marijuana dispensary talks among town officials have finally resumed.

It's about time.

While we certainly agree with town officials that it was best to delay talks until after the April 6 election in order to include new board members in the discussions, it sure would have been nice to be talking now about approving an ordinance instead of rolling up our sleeves to talk about preliminary topics like: What is a dispensary? or What is a caregiver? or How much marijuana can a caregiver legally grow?

While we killed time for new board members to be elected, the number of young people being arrested for possession and/or use of marijuana has soared.

It's not an epidemic, by any means. But the number of marijuana-related arrests is increasing at an alarming rate and appears to be directly related, in some way, to the presence of our medical marijuana dispensaries.

It's no surprise to us that the marijuana-related arrests began to jump shortly after the three local dispensaries opened last year. We're not saying these proprietors are selling marijuana illegally. But it does appear some marijuana they sell is not only going to those who have medical approval but also to young, recreational users.

We have reported many of these young arrests in the Beacon in the past 6-8 months. We would like to see these reports drop - and soon.

The best way, we feel, is for the board to enact as tough an ordinance as possible.

We agree medical marijuana should be available for those who legally and medically are cleared to purchase it. But we also feel we need an ordinance with some teeth to make it as difficult and penalizing as possible for medical marijuana to wind up in the hands of our youths.

The Windsor Town Board has a daunting task ahead of it. We wish the board well and hope it will be able to craft an ordinance that other our residents will be proud of.

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