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what would you rather have... a or b?

a. Unlimited weed for the rest of your life. Any strain you want, anytime you want and as much as you want (includes hash and butter). To top it all off you couldn't be arrested for marijuana charges excluding distribution. However you would not be permitted to sell weed.

b. a million dollars in cash right now

it may be an obvious answer for some, but it caused a little debate at a campfire I was at last night.

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I would take the money. If you have one strain for the rest of your life, smoking would become mundane. I would use the million dollars to buy land in a remote clean environment, with good water, and grow a million strains over my lifetime.! Fuck the $$$$, give me a new strain to grow!


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I would go for B.
Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a nice grow system... And with that, you're all set, once you grow your own, you'll always have some ;)
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