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I've a brain injury and need help


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i do very well at time, then theres the days i dont wish to speak of. im looking for data from accepted medical research facilities. cannabis and its effect on cluster, migrains! i know how it sounds and the drs r stumped. the headaches r dibilitating and have caracteristics of both types of headaches, both migrain and cluster. life not much fun! anyhow the ins. co. is saying theres no proof cannabis works for cronic pain. the attorney claims statutes olr some bull story. im not so smart buit im darn sure not stupid! within the first min. of conversation she was saying sorry. theres nothing she could do because the lack ofg documentation and proof of its capabilities.
I think they are wrong!
arent they?
any help pointing me in the proper direction would be very meaningful to me! im lost and dont want to be bullied.
thank you ever so much in this
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