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J Obadiah's Multi-Strain Clones 2019

J Obadiah

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Welcome to Obadiahs Multi Strain 2019 Journal!

Thank everyone for stopping by. Very quickly I'm going to poat some content here to get the thread up, so I can finish everything I'm doing on time.

So without further adieu, the ladies!

We'll begin with the day of their arrival, March 30th, @ ~3 to 4 weeks of age.

pre-98 Bubba Kush:



Purple Punch:

Also Purple Punch, reverse side:

Blue Cookies:



One method I prefer to utilize originated with mountain growers in the Equitorial regions, and it simply involves staking the plant at a 45-degree angle to open them up to the Sun. This allows for better air flow, light penetration, increased bud formation, and less larf.

Yeah...thats the good stuff, baby.


J Obadiah

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I would have been tuned in anyway @J Obadiah , but the cat sealed the deal. Cats love me. I bet he girls are loving their new pots too! Cheers mate, luck to your grow! :yahoo:
Lolol thats my little guy Mikey. He's Arabian Mau/Ocicat, 10 years old. I swear he drinks more water than my plants do. GNARLY thirsty kitty lolol.
Thanks, mate!

J Obadiah

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UPDATE: 04/08/19
As of today, the girls are looking good. The 5 clones are coming along nicely, with decent growth rates. I feel like they could definately be moving along quicker given their regimine, but we've been a bit short on sunlight the last 2 weeks so its been all about supplemental lighting.

I wanted to share 2 main things today:

  1. The size and growth of the clones.
  2. The size, growth, and sex of the Unicorn.
Here's some images from the past week or so.

The following 4 are images of the Unicorn, an Unknown strain of Indica dominance. I can't figire out if its male or not yet because it keeps changing. Literally there have been hairs on ot that have gone away.








More Coming Soon!

J Obadiah

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UPDATE: 04/16/19

Hey guys, here are a few images from the last week or 2; I'll be doing another update later today with fresh images. The clones are looking fine, but I'd really like some quicker growth. I sprayed them with an organic miticide and pesticide made from neem oil. I was having a slight gnat problem overall, but one plant, the Kosher Kush, was totally infested, so I had to take care of that. I haven't taken their picture today, but I will when I get home.

The first image is of the Purple Punch, my problem child. It had a slight Ca deficiency so I gave her some Micro and she's doing much better. Soon she'll be back to full health.

Here is an overview of the clones.

Another, with the Unicorn added top right. She is from seed and I'm seeing phenomenal growth rates. That plant is only 2 months old and shes been topped 2 times and is currently in LST.

Hope you guys like them. Enjoy.

J Obadiah

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UPDATE: 04/18/19:

Afternoon everyone. Today, however unfortunately, the garden isnt operating too well. I'm experiencing a gnat and spider mite issue that I'm barely keeping up with, and on top of that, I accidentally overwatered this last watering. It wasn't extremely bad, but in my view its very bad. I have some girls still drooping downward from it, and some are canoeing or cupping on me, but I cant water them obviously. The WhiteWidow got hit hardest because they're smallest. They have distorted new leaves and some of the tips of the newest leaves are browning instantly. Since I overwatered, there's a decent chance that they're going to come down with a bit of a Mg deficiency. Overabundance in water locks up Mg because it cant be properly dissolved and enter the plant.

I'm holding off watering until they are all absolutely dried up, down to about an inch. They should be fine by the next update, so we'll see.


J Obadiah

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Hey everyone, its been a great week for the girls, and I really appreciate the birthday wishes yesterday everyone, thank you! Dirty 30! Haha.

So, the clones have gotten bigger and have done well since last posting. The smallest one is still the Purple Punch, here:20190421_104147.jpg
but she's still my little beauty.​
The rest of them have been just fine with a minor exception in the Bubba Kush. She's a tad bit overwatered because, like my White Widows, I messed up and read my watering schedule incorrectly. Nothing major on this plant, but noticed.

The only real issue, you might say, is that I've been informed by the leaf tips that I am currently overfeeding them. They have very very slightly burned tips, and luckily I spotted it early as I did because it managed to not destroy the plant.

Here are some more images from this morning. Hope you like 'em!

Purple Punch


Blue Cookies. She has done really well out here, I'm very proud of her. The genetics really are top notch.

Gelato. This little lady has been absolutely phenomenal to watch grow up. Its a very quick recoverer, its a vigorous grower, and she already smells quite dank. Surprising. I started her at a 45° angle for max exposure Southward, and she naturally filled out like that.

Haha the Unicorn. This lady is enormous for her age as you can see, not even 2 months old yet, barely. No lie! It bolted up along with a Purple Princess I had that turned out to be male. This one may as well, she just hasnt given me anything official to go on yet, which BAFFLES me. Usually I can sex by 7 or 8 weeks, but this one just wont. Soon though, very soon. Pray to GOD shes Female. Such good genetics.

A topside image of the Unicorn. In all, including a few smaller tops, shes sitting at exactly 20 heads. Ill probably leave it at that if it shows pistils, and let her stretch straight up. Scrog if necessary.

One last image of the Unicorn. It was actually the 1st pic of the day I took. Shes really beautiful in my opinion. Symmetry, vigor, strength, and its very hardy.

That's today's update, folks, so until next time--Happy Growing!



J Obadiah

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UPDATE: 06/04/2019

Hey there guys and gals, growmies, and fellow Obadiahs! I know its been a while since my last update, but I'm back!


It has been approximately a month since the previous update. I want you all to see whats up at Obadiahs Garden, so lets give you tView attachment 1814421
Above: 4 of 5 WhiteWidow. Very happy girls.

View attachment 1814422

Above: (in order, from furthest away to closest): Pre98 Bubba, Gelato, Blue cookies.

View attachment 1814423
Above: (Left to Right):
Pre98 Bubba Kush, Gelato, Blue Cookies. 3/5 Clones.

View attachment 1814425
Above: The Mighty Strawberry Cream in all her vegging glory. The 5th of 5 Clones. She has 5 bamboo stakes, 4ft tall each. She has been topped 2 times and I began to LST her early, so she has many many heads. At last count I had 30 heads growing up off the LST branches. She is about 4.5 feet tall and about 3.5 feet in width, and about 6 feet in girth (6ft around).

View attachment 1814426
Above: Purple Punch. 1 of 5 Clones. She has grown up to be one of my most exciting plants because she's absolutely perfect in terms of smell, texture, aesthetic appeal, and flavor. She almost slipped into full flower due to being brought outside veey early on in the 2019 season, around late February they were cut from their morher, by March 14th I had them outside, under full Sun all day, only getting up to around 70° all spring. But now that I have remedied that using Nitrogen and supplemental lighting, i was able to grab up some small larf that was going to be removed. I let it dry a week and cure a week (t was literally like 4 grams dry lol). Thats how I know it tastes good.

View attachment 1814427

The strategy I like to utilize is one of simplicity and proaction as mucb as possible. The weather will shortly be getting very, very hot, very consistently, so I am preparing for that with pruning, topping, LST, HST, bamboo, a tarp (if needed), and a SCRoG net. Thanks for stopping by Obadiah's Garden today, there will be much more to come in the future!

Cheers Growmies!


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J Obadiah

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UPDATE: 06/29/2019

Hey Everybody! I am back with another update and some recent photos. Hope you like them!

I gave a little Supercrop to the Strawberry Cream here because she's about 4 5 ft tall now, about 2.5ft wide.


Here's a look at the row from the White Widow 1 down to Pre98BK, which u can only see tops of.


This is what happens when you top your outdoor plants @ about their 3rd or 4th node. This was an experimental thing I planned on, so I'm not too upset about it, but you can see how scrawny the stalks are. They're about dime-size.


The vegetation of the White Widows is solid, but given my size and height restrictions (<6ft tall @ final bloom height) I am currently unable to allow the vigorous growth White Widow is known for.


Blue Cookies stalk-shot. She's getring nice and thick, both the stalk and canopy. I have her defoliated fairly heavily and I've cleaned her up about 2/3 of the way up. Shes a solid grower and I am loving it.


Straight-on shot of the Gelato. She is soing very well. Very thick Indica stalk with great foliage that I've manicured repeatedly. Gotta shave them fan leaves like every other day or she'll just be a thick thick web of fan leaves. Great vigor and color, smells pungent.


The stem on the Pre98 Bubba. Doing nicely.


The Purple Punch. She had some early LST and is now headed vertical going into transition.


The Strawberry Cream, my largest plant. Shes really a beast and she smells like peppery citrus and some kinda pine. Good tree.

I am in the middle of treating for spider mites, but I have just ordered some new miticide made up of sunflower oil, canola and castor oil and a few other organic ingredients. I wont use anything systemic so I've been using neem oil but that has decreased in effectiveness over the last few treatments because spider mites are good at adapting to your approaches.

I'll be back soon with more updates and more pictures, till then I hope you stay blessed.


J Obadiah

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UPDATE: 08/02/2019

Hey folks, Obadiah here with another update and a few pics. These images are a couple of weeks old as I just havent taken very many as opposed to making videos. I do have a full video journal available on YT under Obadiah Kilgore.

We are now entering the Bloom Phase and all of them are moving right along. The White Widow has the most visible flowers and Pre-Flowers are quite abundant elsewhere. There are Indica/Indica-Dominant plants: Gelato (I-dom), Blue Cookies (I-dom), Purple Punch (I-dom), and White Widow (I-dom); and there is one Sativa-dominant girl: Strawberry Cream.

Here's a look at the garden. Enjoy!










Thanks for stopping by Obadiah's Garden!


View attachment 1860964View attachment 1860965View attachment 1860966View attachment 1860967

J Obadiah

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I know this is random but I came across this comment just now and since you liked my cat Mikey, I thought I'd tell you that about a month after the post, he passed away from what we think was Feline leukemia. I mistakenly said he was 10, he was 14. Thats why he was so thirsty. Thanks for complimenting him, I appreciate your comment even more now because it made me think of him.

Lolol thats my little guy Mikey. He's Arabian Mau/Ocicat, 10 years old [EDIT: 14 years old. Passed away ~May 14th, 2019.] I swear he drinks more water than my plants do. GNARLY thirsty kitty lolol.
Thanks, mate!
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