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Jack Herer - Greenhouse


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Greenhouse must be breeding their auto's in the same room as their regular seeds. Started all reg. and fem. seeds 8/23. 11/4 harvested 1 Jack Herer auto. This plant was already in flower when all the other plants put on 12/12 on 10/11. Plant finished at 18" tall and produced just over 15gr. Probably would have did a little better if left with 18hrs light.
Crystal production is really good. Test bowl yesterday. Flavor is through the roof. Greatest pineapple I have grown. This is just a early test! THC seems pretty high. High was intense at first but didn't last a long time.
This will get a long cure. With great flavor early on this strain will be great after a long cure. Hard to do with so little of it.
In review. I wouldn't suggest Greenhouse's Jack Herer. Not sure how the 2 photo's will do in the end but the fact that 1/2 ended up auto says enough. If I had ordered auto's it might be different.
As a Auto the story might be different. In a small grow space grown with longer light times this might have produced more. 72 days from seed to bud is pretty damn good. THC quality and quantity seem very good for time growing. While the 2nd auto is really airy it will still be ready in a day or 2. Production differences are common. Auto's in your photos is not.

You will have to make your own decisions on this one. Fun to grow a auto but I'm disappointed in this strain as of yet. This may change some after the photos finish.


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Oh yeah. I'm not bitching at all. I have had great results from other Greenhouse strains. I'm just being honest about the results I have found. Like I said the Auto part was great. If I were growing Auto's I would defiantly consider Jack Herer Auto.
A plant that auto flowers cant be grown longer so it can get bigger. I planned to have the plant at least twice as tall before flowering. The info I reported is the kind of information that I would be interested in when planning a grow.
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