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Jack Herer Memorial Service: Photos and Commentary


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I mean no disrespect by this question but what exactly did Jack Herer do? i mean i would assume the bud is named after him but its seems like many people were affected by his death and im curious as to how he was impacting their lives


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Hey Rob,
I couldn't force myself to go, But thank you for the pic's of his service. These tears had to come sooner or later. Did you happen to see Chuck or Apothecary Mary at his service? I don't know why but I did not see them at the service(in the pic's), Everyone else was there though. Unfortunately I was still trying to come back from the depression of my mom leaving. Again thank you rob.



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Go pick up a copy of The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer, read it and you will understand.
Not only that, Google it. Without Jack and the many other's that have sacrificed so much. None of the medical programs would be up and running. Our current wave of supporters for the legalization of Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp farming, Would be nothing. We would still be under the facet of Propaganda. And believing it too.


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Though I did not know the man I am still crying as I end this thread

:peace: Jack

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Thank you Mr. Herer for your long fought battle for the TRUTH ! RIP !

Plz excuse the off topic...Thank you 420 ! Your a man of admiring qualities in that you never forget the ones that have journeyed the path for others so they might have a better and healthier life from the amazing qualities MJ has. People like Mr. Herer & others who have fought this hard-core propaganda battle against MJ IMHO are true HERO's in their own right. Thank you 420 for having such a terrific avenue for information... I LOVE 420 Forums Brother! G/B


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Thank you for sharing. It gave me a chance to share that day with Jack, his family, and friends, without having been there.

Without guys like Jack, we wouldn't know what we do now about Cannabis. And without his efforts, I myself wouldn't know what I do now, and I'd still simply think it was a "recreational drug" and nothing more.

Rest in Peace Jack. The next time I smoke, it'll be in your honor.


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Jack you sir was an inspiration 2 me along my journey. I Have a strain that I contributed to you & all you did. :) Its our "Jacks Wet Dream". :) very heavy Indica stanky stank. :) RIP brother.

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After reviewing this touching ceremony and seeing the love so obviously demonstrated; I feel closer to the man who has provided many delightful moments to me and my friends by our smoking the fruits of his labor. :)
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