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Jack Herer Suffers Stroke



From: Ann McCormick

Here is the latest info I have on Jack Herer's condition:

The stroke effected the right side of his body. He has not regained speech
or movement yet, but is expected to. They expect this to happen within the
coming week. He is expected to make a full, or very near full recovery. As
Jack is left-handed, he has been able to communicate by writing short notes.
He will probably be hospitalized for a week, maybe two.

He is in the VA hospital in PORTLAND, Oregon. (Can someone in Oregon check
the phonebook and post the mailing address for the hospital? Several people
have asked where they can send cards and flowers. I forgot to ask for the
address. Actually, it may be a good idea, before posting, to call the
hospital and get confirmation and a room number..)

It has been reported that the first signs of trouble occurred while he was
addressing the Hempfest in Oregon on Friday night. Towards the end of his
speech, several in the crowd noticed his speech had begun to slur and
something appeared not to be quite 'right'. He left the stage under his own
power and was later taken, by ambulance, to the hospital.

Jeanne and his children are with him. The prognosis is good.

Keep the prayers and positive thoughts flowing.

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