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Jackie Chan's Son Could Face Death Sentence Over Cannabis Possession

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We're beginning to really find out–in a quite startling way–that China has some genuinely distorted laws on cannabis consumption and possession. News broke this week of Jaycee Chan–31-year-old son of famed action star Jackie Chan–and his recent run in with the Beijing legal system. Jaycee was arrested Monday morning along with his friend, 23-year-old Taiwanese actor Ko Chen- tung. The duo both tested positive for CBD in their systems, something we know can show up still days and/or weeks even after the act. They were both charged for testing positive for traces of cannabis, while Chan faces an additional charge.

It's been reported that roughly 3 and a half ounces of cannabis was found at Jaycee Chan's home. Unfortunately for the two, China's regulations on cannabis are slightly barbaric. While local sources report Chen- tung should be released after 14 days, Chan is facing a much more serious charge– conspiracy to sell. These offenses–albeit non-violent and quite tame for two, young big screen actors–could earn Chan a death sentences in accordance with China's jagged cannabis laws. According to Chinese news sources, Jackie Chan made a trip to Beijing from Los Angeles to try and sway the daunting repercussions of outdated laws in his son's favor. No word yet on whether his influence will help in lessoning the harsh reality of China's unfortunate cannabis demonization.

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