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Jackson verdict proves sells "For-Profit" is legal in California


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The People vs. Jackson verdict proves that due to the "medical marijuana affirmative defense", a jury cannot convict anyone of "selling for profit" because selling for profit is not strictly forbidden in the referenced law that allows for an affirmative defense.

The law requires "proof beyond a reasonable doubt" to find someone guilty of a crime... "Vague Law" and "Reasonable Doubt" mixed together means an acquittal from every jury that follows the law during deliberation. (as long as your attorney is not an idiot, and many are...)

The jury was a bit more specific than ANY of the media has reported... The media just loves Bonnie Dumanis and they hate the idea of sales, however subsequent to the Jackson case, SALES ARE LEGAL, even for-profit sales as long as it is through a collective organization.

Jurors said regarding collectives & cooperatives,

...the prosecution gave his kind of narrow definition during the closing arguments but there was nothing in the law that really backed that up...

...other jurors said...

...when you have an issue of doubt, the law shows that the benefit of that doubt NEEDS to go to the defendant...
and went on to say

...we had no evidence on the table that there could not be a profit in a cooperative...

The same BS the California Prohibition Clan has been feeding us about the "sales" issue and "sales" not being legal applies to the "profit / non-profit" issue. Check the written law, it does not say you can not profit just as it does not say you can not sell...

The law is a California initiative and can not be changed except by another initiative or appellate court decision.

The law is the law, vague is vague and the sales of medical marijuana for profit is legal, with the right lawyer, of course.

More stories about the Jackson verdict and Bonnie Dumanis from the front lines of the Califronia battle for safe access to medical marijuana, simply goolgle the "BonnieDaMantis Blog" for up-to-date information.
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