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Jaerock's Indoor Bag Seed Soil Grow Journal Summer 2015


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Hey everyone love this site been a long time reader but now im a first time poster !
I spend hours on here a week browsing so thanks in advance for everyone sharing and anyone who reads my journal :thanks:! Here we go

# of plants? 3 females currently
What strain is it? Not sure bag seed
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Wish i knew :(
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Flower
If in Veg... For how long? 6 weeks under poor lights (2x50w flouro)
If in Flower stage... For how long? 9 days under 400w hps so far
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Miracle Grow enriched potting mix
If soil... What size pot? Started off in large beer cups changed to empty cat litter pails
Size of light? 400w hps since i began 12/12
Is it aircooled? i dont have anything hooked up to the hood
Temp of Room/cab? low 20s celsius
RH of Room/cab? not sure
PH of media or res? around 6 for water
Any Pests ? not yet
How often are you watering? every 36-48 hours
Type and strength of ferts used? miracle grow veggie stuff during veg , buying blooming mix soon

due to just poor luck i had to move my grow in the middle of vegging and im sure thats what caused 18/21 plants to hermie/male out but the 3 i've got left have clear pistils now and what looks to be bud sites forming they are 9 days into flower now 12/12. I did not begin flower with a 24 dark period like i now read others doing.

i also realize i cut the veg time wayyyy too short but im hoping i can at least get a half ass amount of bud off these ive only got $180 into this so an ounce would put me ahead after my first grow.

i greatly appreciate any suggestions/comments/criticism you guys have as im a rookie :thanks:

here is some pics from when i turned my light off at noon today July 21 2015







Thanks again everyone for your vast knowledge and support these forums are a godsend for countless people!



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thats great sure appreciate any input u end up having im like a sponge the more info i can obtain the better ill be at it :thumb:

ive been taking pics every day half hour after lights go on and half hour before they go off and i sure notice the growth , the indicas are really starting to take off and the sativa just seems to be getting more and more pistils exponentially


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pics from lights on beginning of day 13

i notice one of them is stretching a lot hopefully i only have a week or less left of heavy vertical growth and it fills out.

due to my space restrictions i would like to grow single cola plants or close to it , as i flowered these at around 10 inches hopefully i will accomplish that.anyone with any insight on if these may fill out please drop a comment below :)








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I grew two plants like that with cfl's and sunlight. She's not going to fill in leaf wise, but you should get some 2700k cfls lights on those lower buds and let the hps do the top. Otherwise the lower buds may stay small from lack of light.





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I wouldn't worry about using a screen or nothing on them at this point of there growth. They seem quite stretched and since you have one top it would kinda defeat the purpose of a screen. I don't know that I would advise it now since you have began to flower but you can always tie the top of the plant down a bit to keep total height down and get a bit more light to the lower portions of the plants. Looking good tho, I got a killer harvest of some good herb from my last bagseed grow. I am a strong supporter of them :D


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yeah i figured at worst i should have maybe 10 days of vertical growth left then the rest should go on the buds from what ive been reading in the how to grow forum. in less then a week i plan on adding 2-4 cfl 2700 to the room on the sides of the plants to assist the hps

also its really only stretched the last 2 days its currently "night " time so in 8 more hours ill measure them they are within 11 inches of the light now but i got a nice fan setup at hood level and a fan blowing air conditioned air in so it goes across the bulb basically i figure when they get to within 9 i will raise the light a rung or 2


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july 26 @ lights on

the largest grew 1 inch , 2nd largest 1 inch , and the smallest plant with most bud sites .6 inch in 12 hour.

watered and removed bottom leaves as they were totally yellow finally.

tallest plant : nice to see it went from 5 inches between nodes to a measly .75 inch so it looks like it may be done stretching as its within a foot of the hps

2nd tallest : gettin very tight bud formation at the top with fan leaves every 1/4 inch or less

smallest : bud sites are all enlarging and pistils multiplying quickly . cola on top is producing a leaf set every 1/8th of a inch or so

i have a 40x loupe on the way from ebay should be here in 2 weeks or so and ill show closeups , im not sure when trichomes begin to form but hopefully its here when they begin so i can see the changes from start to end :)












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july 27 at lights on

2 tallest plants showin a little yellow on 2 diff leaves each i think i over watered going to let them go at least 60 hours before watering again

tallest plant sative grew 2 inches since last post

2nd tallest sativa grew 2 inches

3rd tallest indica(i think) grew .5 inches but gained couple more bud sites and quite a number of thick lustrous pistils

cannot notice the difference yet on lower nodes since i added 1 2700k flourescent just under middle of plants

it has been exactly 2 weeks since i began 12/12

heres pics:








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July 28 Lights on

decided to name my plants just so i can stop calling them " tallest" etc.

plant 1 sativa tallest (susan)in memory of my late aunt
plant 2 sativa 2nd tallest (dre)
plant 3 indica shortest (pac)

from here on i will call them by the names just to make it easier for me to track which is what :)

susan grew 1.5 inches since last post
dre grew 1.25 inches since last post
pac grew .5 inches along with new bud sites all over the plant

i was hoping the sativas were close to done stretching, i notice there is at least 4 more internodes before its just cola hopefully.

beginning to see some excellent growth near bottom of plants thanks to the 1 2700k 13w cfl i added, adding 2-3 more this weekend

i did notice slight yellowing of the very bottom leaves of dre and pac im assuming thats normal bottom leaves dying off slowly as the plant has better shit to do :lot-o-toke:

i also moved the light up 2 chain links as the plants were withing 9 inches

looking to buy some blooming nutes this weekend from a local nursery can anyone please reply with a good #-#-# ratio i should be looking for thanks

i also looked at the tips of plants through a weak magnifier(helmet type) and the what i believe to be cola fan leaves glimmer white along the edges and especially at the tip some all over im really hoping thats the beginning of trichomes coming. there is a very distinct difference looking at a large fan leaf and the cola leaves.

anyways heres some pics smoke em if u got em :peace::thanks:











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July 29 at lights on

ALL 3 plants did not noticeable grow vertically . however some bud sites packed on quite a bit of size. at most they grew 1/4 inch its so little its hard to tell with a tape measure if they grew at all.

noticed some more yellowing near bottom of plant not sure whats up but the soil felt very dry so watered 1 cup of water to each

heres some pics of each and my new setup. dont mind the really ghetto lamp setup in the middle to get light to the lower plant xD

i have a air conditioner 5 feet from the closet, a large fan blowing a/c air into a air purifier which then blows it into the closet to the plants and a oscillating fan blowing between the hps and the plant canopy into a honeywell 10 inch mountable fan that is bolted to the top of the closet and blows the hot air out the other side of the closet. kind of a ghetto setup but ive got limited income for the time being :) it actually seems cooler then my previous setup

heres some pics :















new closet setup:


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