Jaga: My First Grow Journal

High green friends this is my third inndoor grow an im hoping that I will keep it going the distance .
I have no real budget
But I do have one grow tech tent 80x120 small
I also have one seeded royal critical
and one white dwarf aut fem
each are 2 days old,,,,,,,I used the cup and water method to crack the seeds out
An for soil I am using Gardsman compact and dried soil with added nutrients it came in a10kg packet but when added water there should be 60L very good for the price it looks very similar to coconut husk when hydrated
I have one big 300w cfl and a smaller one for the light (dual Spectrum)
I will be using our own house tap water I have a ph meter and buffer on the way
Below are my first photos of me girls starting to get cheecky
You can seewhat I mean maybe about this compact soil looking closely its like shreaded wood

Each time I water I will use at least 4 drops of citricidel this will help to keep fungal infections at bay and keep our over clorineated water at its best for the girls.
In the next couple of weeks when I begin to feed I will be using chlorela and spirulina powder
I have a turbo fan blowing straight at them more or less from when they break the surface of the soil I have found from gardening outside that the wind will stop any streching an the next set of leaves should come along fairly quick
well heres hoping anyhow (its worked well before)
One more thing I have done a few grows but have very little knowledge of the problems that can happen in other words im doing this for the help and quest for knew knowledge Jai Jaganatha:Namaste:
Well that it folks anyone has a better idea my little cheeky girls were repotted then I lost the P.C then AAaa I didn't check the water that I rehydrated my soil with an they have a bad case of lock out Oh my Lord Jaganatha I feel sick to my gut this is for medicine the mrs has ms an she has it all the time since I started growing with you guy,s .
Ok here are the final photos of the cheeky two,then I'm starting fresh today I will put 2 White Dwarfs in a glass of water for germination and I just hope they will be ok old age is taking its toll on me peace an blessings
an they are worse now this was about 2 days ago
:lot-o-toke: Jai Jaganatha
Thanks King j hey this diatomaceus were would I get it from amazon sounds great:circle-of-love:
Plus how do I do a signature Ji as I dont get to my journal as I dont know how to navigate back:sorry: I am a bit of a fool when it comes to this the only way I get to answere stuff is by getting there through my email boy sooo embarising:tokin:
Love to you on your side of the ond an thnax for a great reply its the first time I seen my journal since I started it :cheesygrinsmiley:
If i could get hear from my start page (profile page) I would be able to update I think well in theory
Thanx again King J Ji
Jai Jaganatha
I think I got that as soon as my grandson gives me a minuet I will try it I realy want to carry it on:circle-of-love:
you should add your journal to your signature. to add your journal to your signature go to top right, Settings>Settings, left hand side My Settings>Edit Signature, copy the web address for the first page of your journal and paste it into the open box.
Well things are starting to pick upa bit I will post some pictures an you can see for yourselves what a strange grow this has become
these three are cheeky 1 shes been through some trouble , an I had kind of forgot that an auto flowering strain just starts floering around 2 weeks old. cheeky 1 was in a lock out from water loged soil I changed her pot an gave her some nitregon an this is a far as she has got now cheeky girl 2 is a royal critical an so she has been able to grow up a lot more an it even shows in this picture
I will hafe to take some more pictures of her as she is in a new pot and looks like she is going to pull through I hope:wood:.
After my expirence with cheeky 1and 2 I thought I would germinate another 2 autos only one has made it an a few days ago I think I have stared to see signs of drill worm. This confuses me cause I thought that it was fly born an , was able to recognize it because when I used to grow out doors I was always hit by it.
the next picture Is the knew cheeky girl 3 with the said drill worm
on the second picture it can be seen the light grey line sigh .
Any how I now think that cheeky 1 also has the same problem . sorry that it has been a while but until a little while ago I didnt know how to navigate back to this page , any way thanks King John I still havent worked out the signature thing yet but you helped me find my way back hear at least.
I will follow up more often well as often as I can, love to all on:420: And a big thankyou to you kj for getting me here
for you a very good morning to you Jai Jaganatha you are a great person to have in here me I do now how to get here now:thumb:But the thing about signatures :lot-o-toke: still dont get it aw Fart I wish I could be a little more computer litterate :circle-of-love: Have a great 420 dayJi
here is the web address for your journal. i would save it as a favourite in Internet Explorer or send a shortcut to your desktop or a bookmark if you are using Firefox depending on what web browser you are using so it is easy to find for you.

Jaga: My First Grow Journal
Well here goes its 11:00am over this side of the pond an I have some photos of the now cheeky3 firstly pictures of my seems too small white dwarf auto
:lot-o-toke:as you will note she is TINY but she has some fluffy Pistols an her trichomes are apearing fast an furious she was popped through the soil on may 17th my birthday I believe make her 5weeks an 3days old BLESS HER FOR WHAT SHE HAS(not what she lacks)
So there she is cheeky girl1
Next same age as cheeky 1 is cheeky2 also 2 pictures cheeky 2 isnt in flower as the light cycle can be on 24/7 an the autos will still flower, so cheeky 2 is still vegging
Man she went through it with the soil being wrong an everthing. But she looks like she is on the mend an I may start to flower her soon? Next is the knew girl on my block cheeky 3 another white dwarf auto I will be able to flower cheeky2 because :love::love:like I said the light change will not mess up my little baby cheeky3 being an auto she will flower on any light cycle I do not remember her age maybe a week?
So here are the cheeky3 altogether I just hope we get to the end how mmm , I would like it to go:thumb:
Thanx all an I will update again in a week or so
I only have the one turbo fan , an today I decided that cheeky 1 is getting a little(excuse the pun) to smelly so I change over from blow to suck but my temprature has gone up to 81:3 but I have to have the door open an a viewing window open to keep it like that thing is with the crazy weather we have been getting , well it will more than likley go up! Does anyone no how long a carbon filter will filter for:420: as this will be its 3rd grow I am starting to think it may have started to run out of fillter:circle-of-love:
Sorry to be so sad at computing but yes please:circle-of-love: I only got the signature together a few days back I think I will take the you tube video off cause I do not want to be seen as anything else than a inndor gardener with a little eccsentrisities:love:
I got a few photos a bit more close up of the cheeky 1 auto dwarf so just for you I will share her with you KJ as I have grown to love this super small dwarf





I no she is real small but It is a life lesson for me learning to understand that she has what the bigger girls has she also has just a lot less of an on the plus side she is like still around 4weeks from being ready for harvest
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