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Jail avoided for cannabis importing

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
In the Christchurch District Court, Judge Robert Kerr said jail could be imposed on Alan Russell Woodfield, but he accepted Woodfield may have had the equipment for a legitimate use.

Woodfield admitted charges of importing cannabis seeds and cultivating cannabis.

The judge said that in March last year Customs in Auckland intercepted packages containing cannabis seeds addressed to Woodfield.

A total of 30 plants, mostly immature, were found at his home, along with partially assembled hydroponic equipment, which Woodfield contended was going to be used to grow fruit and vegetables.

Prosecutor Zannah Johnston said that the inference was open that it was a commercial operation, the nature of the set-up meaning a large number of plants could be grown.

Lawyer Pip Hall said Woodfield's plan was to use the cannabis for his medical problems. He intended to use the equipment to grow fruit and vegetables and written material found nearby supported that.

The judge said that, given Woodfield's medical problems, jail would be disproportionately severe.

He was sentenced to 250 hours community work and his computer and hydroponic equipment were ordered to be destroyed.

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