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Jail Guards Charged With Selling Marijuana To Inmates


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Two corrections officers at the Montgomery County Jail have been arrested for allegedly selling marijuana to inmates.

Luis A. Morales Jr., 26 of Amsterdam was arrested Wednesday on federal charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and was arraigned in U.S. District Court in Albany.

Arrested earlier this year was Alvin Hoyt Jr., 20, of Fultonville.

Morales had first been arrested on Nov. 14 and charged with misdemeanor charges of official misconduct. He had been free on $200 bail after arraignment in Glen Town Court.

Sheriff Michael Amato said that Morales was arrested following a month-long investigation that had begun during the summer with the arrest of Hoyt for promoting prison contraband, a misdemeanor. According to Amato, the cases are unrelated but information obtained during into Hoyt's involvement in allegedly distributing marijuana inside the jail led to the arrest of Morales.

Hoyt is not facing federal charges. Charges against Hoyt were reduced and the judge sealed his case.

In a news conference called to announce the arrests, Montgomery County undersheriff Jeffrey Smith said that "there was nothing to indicate at the time of hire to indicate that they were problematic or they wouldn't have been hired. Unfortunately they chose the wrong path". Both had been employed as Cos less than a year.

David Bonaparte, 43 of Utica and Antonio Castro, 26, the inmates involved in the alleged marijuana distribution have also been charged with federal conspiracy. Bonaparte was in jail facing charges of selling a harder drug. Castro was already facing unknown federal charges.

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Pubdate: 14 December 2006
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