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Jailer Arrested For Mashed Pot-atotes


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A guard at the Laflore County Jail in Greenwood, Miss.,
has found himself on the other side of the law for pot allegedly found hidden in his mashed potatoes.

The Corrections Corp. of America employee was arrested last weekend when suspicious investigators looked into his lunch delivered by an unidentified woman, the Greenwood (Miss.) Commonwealth reports.

The guard had been quoted saying he did not eat potatoes, but the lunch delivered to him included a large portion of mashed spuds, prompting officials to check out the container where they found two ounces of marijuana and $200, Leflore County Sheriff Ricky Banks said.

The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics had been trying for some time to determine how contraband was getting into the jail, Banks said.

The guard, Robert Earl Hannon, was released Tuesday on $15,000 bond.

Source: IMEDI News
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Website: ImediNews - Jailer arrested for mashed p-o-t-atotes


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:laugh2: I hope that guard wasn't goudging prisoners excessively for MJ, or he may have a whole lot of payback coming:peace:


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Some lady drops off his lunch and they search it? Thats a bit extreme, isn't it? Though, it would have to have been a lot of fuckin potatoes to hide 2 oz in it.
:laugh2: Can I have GRAVY with them mash potatoes please:60:


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im not a jail expert, never been sure as fuck hope to never go...but my cousins boyfriend is a prison guard and he says they catch people all the time smoking pot cause if you can smell the pot there are only two rooms next to each other that have the same air flow. he also told me that he has caught people with blow in pens (so don't take pens with drugs to jail) he did say that a lot of them would use some sort of spray i don't remember any more but he said that when people would spray smelly shit they will search their rooms. prisons are fucked up for marijuana users, its a harmless drug unless you are bringing illegals across in a large van full of pot then you have a big drug lord style of transportation with guns and all. maybe the US should think about that and legalize dispenseries to profit on our entertainment...
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