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Jamaican Pipe Dream + Columbian Gold Grow


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They look great, especially JPD - she be chunky! :circle-of-love: :thumb:


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Hello Graytail!

Yes, I'm excited about the JPD. I popped about 4 seeds, and only the one sprouted, and it ended up being a female. I thought it might be a male, and that's why I popped the CG (to make some JPD X CG seeds). I guess I'm just a seed junkie!! I've pretty much went through the Snowhigh Pipe Dream bud from my last grow. It's an interesting high. You feel baked, but you are totally in control. Nice warm and fuzzy feeling. The JPD seems to be more Pipe Dream than Jamaican Dream. I have not sampled it yet, but I'm getting tempted!!! Nothin' like some good arze weed!!!


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nice colas :thumb:


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Over 9 weeks Flowering: Harvest this weekend!
It is over 9 weeks flowering for the JPD and CG. Both are still shooting out white pistils. However, I'm pulling both this weekend. I'll probably throw into the dark Friday/Saturday, and harvest on Sunday. I'm going to try the "Doc Bud" Budwashing. The JPD has continued to impress me. The CG really seems to need a couple more weeks, but 10 weeks will be it. I want to pull both at the same time.

I just pulled all the seeds out of my Dinafem Sweet Deep Grapefruit. Now I have a nice amount of mature (Sweet Deep Grapefruit X Pipe Dream) seeds. That should be quite interesting. Once Snowhigh drops some more seeds, I'm stocking up on some of his genetics.


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10 Weeks 12/12 tomorrow:
JPD and CG both could probably use another week, but because of my travel plans, I have to pull them both this weekend. I did a pre-trim on both, and I broke one of the buds on the JPD. The broken bud was used to practice my "Bud washing". I used [1] hot water with lemon juice first, then [2] room temp water for the rinse. Did not seem to hurt the bud. Still looks frosty. I put both plants in the dark a few minutes ago. I'll do final harvest Friday night or Saturday morning.

Here is a picture of my first washed bud:

Here is the final pic of the JPD and CG before harvest - with pre-trim

Can't wait to smoke some of that JPD. I sampled some lower bud in my vaporizer. Nice little electric kind of high. I have not sampled the CG yet.....I hope its some FIRE!!!

Also, the JPD buds are rock hard and heavy!! The CG nugs are airy and kind of soft. CG buds are not hard at all, but they are covered in frost!


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Congrats. Looks like some good stuff. I love the color its different. Ugh I so wish I could try tons of other strains but the good thing is growing this strain exclusively for 4 years now I am great at it and it gets more potent every grow. There has to be a limit though.


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JPD and CG are both in the JARS. I sampled both, and they are about the same in terms of the "Sativa UP" Kind of HIGH. The JPD has a very potent smell. One bud will stink the whole house. Same with the CG. Loud skunky citris/fruity kind of funk. No mistake with the smell that it is some "FIRE ASS WEED"!!!...

I got about 2 1/4 Pint jars full of the JPD, and about 2 1/4 Pint jars full of the CG. Not sure what the weight is, but I don't care any way!!! Sooooo kewl to provide for self!!!!!!

I thank you all for checking out my lil grow!!! Maybe I will come back with a better smoke report later!!!

Happy Growing to you all!!!

David Bowman

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Looks real wet still due to the condensation on the inside of the jar. Make sure you clean that out of there to prevent your buds from turning into moldy slime. Make sure you open the container or burp it everyday to allow new oxygen in and so it wont sweat so badly.You can also use those dessecant packs they put in new shoes to carry away the moisture. Good job
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