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Jango's Hydro CFL Snow White Grow! No Dwarves Allowed!


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Hello Everybody! Long time listener, first time caller! :slide:

So here we go, lets get down to it shall we!


Strains: Snow White and NL, all feminized, i originally started 3 of each and planned to put two of each into the flower cab after veg and mother 1 of each but i straight up murdered my original 3 NL seeds during germ, oops, i smoked 1 for each of my dead seedling homies lol. So now i have the 3 Snow White going and 1 NL which ill just mother for the time being. Seeds came from Nirvana shop which i highly recommend!

Veg Lighting and Setup: Veg is being done in a small dresser with no back at the moment. Was 3 42w 6500k cfl's but today i lowered the plants a bit and put in a 4th light as this grow is already a few weeks in. Also a supplemental led light which i cant tell you much about cause it was my brothers and he isnt using it so i just threw it in to add some bonus light. But its just a cheap square one. Hydro is a 10 gal rubbermaid tub filled with 5 gal r/o water, 3 inch net cups, and 2 medium air stones. Did have a pump feeding each net cup but removed as roots are well into water now. Temperature maintained between 70-75, res temp 60-65, humidity a bit low but around 45%

Flower Cab Lighting and Setup: Hanging fixture with 6 42w 2700k, 1 42w 6500k mounted on back wall, and 2 68w 2700k mounted on side walls. Ventilation is 4 120mm compy fans for intake and a 4" and 6" inline fans for exhaust. Hydro is a 14 gal rubbermaid tub filled with 10 gal r/o water, 5 inch net cups, and 2 large air stones. Cab dimensions are 3Wx2Dx6H. Lined with foam insulation and covered in mylar.

Nutrients: I had the money and have heard good things so im going with the General Hydroponics series and using the expert program from their website. Plants are currently on the mild growth stage and are being fed with the following. FloraGro, FloraMicro, FloraBloom, Diamond Nectar, Floralicious Grow, Flora Blend, Flora Nectar, and Subculture M and B. Now i am sure many will say i dont need to use all of those but i figured since i had the money why not and so far have been VERY pleased with the results. pH is always started at 5.5 at res change then i let it rise to 6 and then maintain at 5.8. Res is changed weekly.

Ok i think that covers most everything i can think of, so now its Picture Time!!! The 3 snow whites are 18 days from sprouting and the NL is about 6 days as i started that one much later as like i said i killed the other 3 i had germed lol. Everything is going very well but i am getting some brown spots on some leaves, help diagnosing the problem would be much appreciated! Im thinking cal mg deficiency?? Also i apologize for poor picture quality, ive been using my cell phone which doesnt have the best camera lol.

Here are the 3 Snow Whites and the NL as of today


Here are a few pics of the flower cab setup, the plants currently in there are Operation Save Brothers Plants!!! I'll tackle that subject in my next post!



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Ahhh already forgot the pics of the leaves with brown spots! Here they are, when the first true leaves showed up there were just a couple dots which i ignored for the time being to see if they would go away but they didnt. One plant is pretty much clear, on plant has them just on the very first bottom leaves, and one has them on a few more leaves. Again im thinking cal mg deficiency but any help would be much appreciated on a diagnosis.



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He started these girls behind the stairs and they were doing quite well in the veg stage but then things got crazy! The poor kid works 7 days a week and goes to school and things just kind of got away from him lol. So these puppies have seen every type of stress there is. Too hot, too cold, not enough water, water not changed, no nutes, nute lockout, etc. So after i built the room that has my babies and my cab i threw these girls in there to try to bring them back to life! Which has actually been a good experience cause now i get to practice fixing problems on plants that arent mine and are already messed up! Now i know they look pretty rough but you should have seen them when they first got put in! Res temp and nutes are maintained closely, cab temp is a bit of an issue at night as this room is in the basement and i dont have any heat source in the cab so light on temps are pretty good at about 74-78 but night time temps dip down to about 55-59. So i need to get some heat in there which i am working on. As far as what strain they are we have no idea, bag seed that he scrounged up. And they all seem to have different deficiencies. They were actually looking better but the one all of the sudden got a bunch of yellow leaves with brown dots, another one has the fan leaves turning purple which im guessing is cause of the cold temps, one just kind of has burnt tips, and one is just trying desperately to keep up with the bigger plants lol. At any rate we should be able to salvage a bit of good smoke off of them which is better than the fate they were headed for!



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Daily Update

Veg AM pH 5.9 ppm 758 res temp 63 RH 41 air temp 73
Veg PM pH 5.9 ppm 739 res temp 63 RH 41 air temp 73

Flower AM pH 5.8 ppm 1130 res temp 66 RH 41 air temp 70 1/2 gallon r/o water added
Flower PM pH 5.8 ppm 1000 res temp 66 RH 41 air temp 70

I'll have some more pics of the flowering plants later, tomorrow is res change day and ill be putting 2 of them in r/o water to start flush for harvest, the other two will still get nutes for at least another week


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So big news, congratulations to me!!! After 3 long years of a bullsh!t parephenalia charge i am finally off of probation and random drug tests!!! No more calling court every tuesday to find out the color of the week!! Whooo! And what better timing could there be, the day before such a wonderful holiday, Happy 420 Everybody!!:lot-o-toke::thumb::Hookah::tokin::28:

On a side note important lesson learned, dont smoke a bunch and hang out with anyone while you are trying to do a res change! lol who knows what the hell i put in the tub and how much of it! jk but it took forever lol


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So here's a little more info on the Snow Whites, these girls are definitely mainly indica as the leaves are nice and broad

Description Nirvana's Snow White is one of our top-notch selections from the “white" marijuana seeds family. Her pure Cannabis Indica father gives Snow White a denser stature than close relative White Widow, making this F1 hybrid a big yielder indeed. Its plants bear dense sticky buds covered in trichomes. These marijuana seeds are well suited to cultivation in hydro or similar systems. With its lovely smooth taste and powerful Indica stone, Snow White is one of the nicest Widow variations available.

Indica / Sativa: Hybrid
Plant type: Indoor
Plant height: Medium
Effect: Stoned (body buzz, relaxing effect)
Flavour: sweet / smooth
Average yield: 400 - 500 (g/m² in SOG)
Flowering period: 8 - 10 weeks
White strain: Yes
Medical: Yes
Feminized: Yes


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Veg AM pH 5.4 ppm 906 res temp 60.6 RH 41 air temp 70
Veg PM pH 5.6 ppm 881 res temp 62.4 RH 45 air temp 70 1/3 gallon r/o water added

Did a lot of pruning off dead branches and leaves on my brothers plants, they're looking pretty decent, flushing started on them, just took it down to 1/4 strength for a few days then ill go to just water for a day or two, ill get some pics up in a bit


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Aahhh hey MM, welcome! Yeah since its my first time doing hydro i figured i better keep a close eye on the pH to make sure i dont mess anything up and so far it is going great! You're plants are looking fantastic too, actually after looking at your last pics i think ive decided to do a scrog on my next grow, maybe even this one! I actually have to get a bigger setup for them right now while they are veggin cause the cabinet they are in is getting way too small really fast!

Daily Update
Veg AM pH 6.2, 1/2 tsp pH down added, 5.6 after ppm 762 res temp 64 rh 56 air temp 70
Veg PM pH 5.6 ppm 765 res temp 65.6 rh 58 air temp 70

1/4 r/o water added in AM

NL is growing nicely!

Here are some of the Snow White taking over the cabinet! The biggest one is 18" across and 8" tall, 26 days after sprouting. Fan leaves are as big as my hand already!






I also made one of the odor eliminating buckets i saw in the DIY here, waiting on the ONA gel but i think its gonna work great!


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Well my Snow White's are absolutely exploding right now! The dresser they are in has become quickly overwhelmed so todays project will be to build a new cabinet for them as well as change out the res. In the room i have them in im just gonna make a big open cabinet about 2 ft deep by 6 ft wide and probably 4 ft high, that way there will be plenty of room for plants in veg, mothers, clones etc and ill use the top as a work area. Thinking of doing a scrog with these plants as only 2 will be going into the flower cabinet. Anyone got any scrog tips for me, can you do it when you put them in to switch over to flower or should it be done during vegging??




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Thanks brocious! Well today I didn't even have time to do a res change but the veg part of my operation got a MAJOR overhaul! I did have the girls in a dresser than was about 2w-20"d-3h which as I said was getting completely overrun, so I built a big shelf from wall to wall and made the whole underneath of it for vegging so the new space is 6.5'w-2'd-3.5'h. Lighting also got a boost as I went from 4 42w cfl to 5 and added a 4 ft t8 fluorescent fixture that holds 4 bulbs, so my total light output went from 11200 lumens to 25000 and I'll be adding more 42 watters as I add more plants. All the bulbs are 6500k, when I get a little more money I'll probably mix in 2 68w 2700k bulbs too. I'll get some pics up tomorrow


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Its really hard to take big pics in the room cause its not the biggest but this gives you a bit of an idea of the new veg setup. Today when i get home im gonna put two of the plants in another tub next to the one in there that way they have a lot more room, plus res change needs done today since it wasnt done yesterday. On a side note i had decided when they were small which one i thought would be best for my Snow White mother plant and as fate would have it it was decided by a tape measure, before i built the new setup my tape measure fell on my future mother plant and snapped of 2 fan leaves and another branch that would have been perfect for clones lol. So since im about to flower these babies no sense in putting the one that just got a bunch of pruning in! Hahaha after posting this the first and second pics almost line up perfect to show the whole thing!





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So since im about to flower these babies no sense in putting the one that just got a bunch of pruning in!

Actually, if there's room ("blank space" within the footprint of your light), you might as well. People root clones in flower (takes longer). And if you only get a few grams... that's a few more grams then you would have had. And you might get more - especially if it stretches a bit and then fills in.

Then again, if you need to root a cutting for future grows, disregard the above, lol.

May your flowering phase go smoothly.
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