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Jeez I made some killer hash!

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I made a small batch of honey oil with butane. 1.8 grams. Pure gold but the buzz seemed to be lacking. I had lots of keif from the same plants and stirred some in to the honey oil until I got a nice gummy ball of "Hash"?

Whatever you wanna call it, it is some knock you on your ass mind bending shit! One rice grain sized piece in the pipe got three of us dedicated smokers messed up bad. I put a piece like that in my old vapourizer last night and slept 'till noon.

This was made from my KaliMist cross and I'm going to make some more from my last batch of Afghani Kush.

I need a better screen for my kief. My best is a 110 micron and I need 75 for cleaner kief. I'm not complaining tho. The 2.5g ball I have now would keep me buzzed for a couple of months even if it was all I smoked.

If life is hell, I found a little corner the devil don't see!

BEGONE SATAN! GodWeed is in the house!

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Good stuff Labrat
How did u made the honey oil?

I just used a home made "Honey Bee" extractor. Basically a tube you fill with trim and shoot a couple of cans of butane through to drip out the bottom, let the butane evaporate and smoke some killer oil. Cost me about $20 to make my own. Search for oil extraction in these forums or google Honey Bee extractor for details to help you make your own.

I have a ton of pics from my last extraction but I'm too damn paranoid to post them. Posting grow pics is one thing but posting pics of a procedure that could cause injury or death scares the hell out of me. Not the legal implications so much, but the moral ones. To me, most of my methods are second nature as I spent three years in school in my thirties getting a diploma in chemistry. If someone used my instructions and blew up their house and harmed themselves or others or just set themselves on fire and survived with scars AND I found out about it.

<I would have to get my doctor to double my dosage.>

I'm not trying to be funny but it would really screw up my karma if somebody died on my watch. I loaned a friend some lab gear once to make some pot oil and he got a little drunk and near died. He may also have been intoxicated by the isopropanol fumes as well as the booze. He was badly burned and his garage was gone. It's happened to me too but I got lucky and didn't fall on the gear.

Using highly volatile solvents to extract oils is fraught with danger for the uninformed. I use advanced distillation techniques to recover and re-use my butane for further extractions then use petroleum ether distilled from camp stove fuel to get the rest of the goody from what's left over. I'm Scottish and don't like to waste any damn thing, 'specially booze or herb.

Fun for me but not recommended for the casual toker. lol

I also use screens to sift out my keif from trim. No solvents but killer smoke. Take an old 8x10 picture frame, empty then staple, tape or secure some panty hose across the front. Turn over and dump in some trim then shake over a clean surface. Scrape it up and smoke it. Tastes way better than panty hose!

So many ways to get your buzz, too little time.


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Damn Labrat... sorry to hear about your buddy.
Hope he recovers ok. I saw some post on BHO but i have a male. Im not sure it will as good as it should be from a female so im thinking about just making cannabutter but the BHO sounds good. i'll try it 1 of these days.
Thankx again Lab
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