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Plant of the Month: May 2013
Hi 420 new here think your site cool, its been helping me for a while, been growing few years in and out. currently growing amnesia haze under 250cfl red for flowering. I have a problem with the plant at the min and have posted pictures on the members photo gallery and would appreciate any help or input of you guys.
Thanks MushroomDave:peace2:

Captain Kronic

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Gotta get those photos posted in a thread if you want decent/timely feedback!

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Or... dive right in and get to know some of the locals, the staff here are great and our members are top shelf... :Namaste:


Plant of the Month: May 2013
Yah cheers for that, wil post my pictures on the threads now because i have a bit of an ongoing problem with my plant which i need help with.
Cheers cool site

Matanuska Valley

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:welcome: to 420magazine... :roorrip:
Lot's of good people here to help with the new climate... :yahoo:
Smoke one and enjoy the site... :rollit:

MV... :popcorn:

Julie Gardener

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Plant of the Month: May 2013
Hi Julie, yeah that was sort of my point, no mushrooms here lol. ok would you be able to change it to,


Thankyou Julie

And thanx to all 420magazine for such a good site. FREE THE BEAUTIFUL PLANTS!!:peace2:
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