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Jem Jems - Autoflower vs. Photoperiod Race to NYE - Mars 900W - Coco - HG Nutes


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Howdy Y'all.

This will be my first indoor grow under artificial lights. Im super excited. This has grown out of a failed outdoor grow with 0% germination rate from essentially bagseed received as a gift. So I thought bugger it, having just quit my job and having some extra time found this site discovered leds and ordered some top shelf seeds online.

So I am one month post germination , 100% . Though now reduced to 2/3 to fit in grow space. So we have 6 in the race will all to finish.

I set out to be uber technical and take loads of macros etc but got offered a new job and havent had the chance to start the journal earlier but I am keen to share my grow experience and get some expert advice.

I have range of strains which include a mix of autos and photoperiod. The Autos were free seeds given with those paid for as part of the order. They have started to show their femininity however Im learning as I go and dont have the appropriate nutes for flower period. I am on House and Garden and bought the top booster thinking that would be all required. Oops. So will order some Bud XL tomorrow and look to switch feeding regime in approx 10 days. Ive heard people go to early on this so am prepared to wait. I have a target yield of 15 oz and as this is a med grow I am ok with making mistakes. I have previously grown outdoors in my youth approx 20 years ago. I am a defoliator. The labels on the pots got wet so am a little in the dark regarding which is which. Although I am aware of the autos now.

Ok Specifics.

Target 15 oz from range of strains (Aiming not to become tolerant to each)

Fruit Auto (Free) x2
Diesel Auto (Free)
Early Durban (Free)

Sweet Deep Grapefruit
Kalashikova x2
White Kush - (I think this is one that I pulled)

Currently on Day 27-28 since sprouting. Autos showing hairs

Indoor in growspace lined with pandafilm 5 feet x 5 feet x 7 feet high
50/50 perculite/ coco HG 3 Gal pots
Topled 900 W Mars 2
150 Dia Can fan pushing to 150 x 500 phresh filter - Negative Pressure - Air supply from room - Considering improving this to forced supply
Dont measure Rh nor EC nor Ph
Using fresh rainwater
Watering daily with a few day gap every week
using only 9L mix each watering

Using House and Garden
Cocos A and B
Roots Exc
Multizyme (The stems on my ladies are pumped)
Top Booster (Not Started)
Bud XL (Not Started)
Shooting Powder (Not Started)
And the odd feed of Seaweed based soil conditioner x 2 at 1/4 strength

Started nutrients early very dilluted less than 1/4 and just up to full strength in the watering today wont water again for 48 hours and then flush. Im making it up as I go.

Ok now I shall upload some images. I need to remove all meta data on these so may follow this post.


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Day 29. The three autos are the central three with the photoperiods on the outer. Thinking of doing a good defol on these just before going to different light schedules.


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I dont want the photoperiods to veg to long, but am worried about effecting the yields on the autos by dropping to a 12/12 light schedule


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Oops I think I double posted an image above. Below is some pics of one of the photoperiods Im going hard on. I have a little time up my sleeve if this one slows due to leaf loss. Im having a bit of fun with this one with training, first time for me so :). Miss I is one of the autos i defoled just 1 week earlier , before i knew it was one of the autos. It looks like its bud sites are about to go gangbusters.


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Can anyone give me advice on the effect of reducing autos from 18/12 to 12/12 in terms of yield. I dont want to let my photoperiods go too long.


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Day 34 and Ive had to start trimming the autos to get greater light penetration. As I have six plants in my grow room. Im thinking Im going to try a scrog with Miss N (photoperiod) and Miss I (Auto) looks like shes going to be a good producer. My guess its Diesel. . I havent started watering with the Bud XL Im kind of making it up as I go. but have looked at the HG calc which says to wait a couple more week.


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So we are at day 43 things are moving along still anxious about the end yield and when it will arrive. Two of the autos are into flower, my plan with weeks has gone out the window so Im a bit confused which stage I am at as all the autos have different times. And I stuffed up and actually a few of the strains I thought were photoperiod are actually autos what a palarva.


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The photoperiods have grown back and have new growth shoots all over the place I am super cropping these now.


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Now to the star performer.

This plant I defoliated before realising it was an auto, oops. Anyhow I dont know if its the good genetics or what but the bud sites are all exposed and look like they could fatten or fizzle. I am hoping this is my yielder.
Currently the buds are whispy hope they motor on.

Is it ok do you think to keep defoliating this plant to maximise light to the buds.


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Miss I has come on like a rocket the last week hopefully the buds continue to fatten and join, I want colas.

This plant and the previous I have on flower w3 and they have had first water of Top Booster.


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This last plant is odd has been starting to flower for 2 weeks and nothing solid.
Look at the trunk on this one. It is as big as my thumb


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I am at a crucial stage where i could take some advice hopefully someone drops by.

My main question is what effect will defol on autos have, my space is limited and starting to get cramped and i have small bud i want to get light access to.

For a start

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is your grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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